Why Didn’t Kate Middleton Attend Meghan Markle’s Baby Shower?

Baby Sussex is due to arrive in just a few short months, and it’s getting more exciting by the day! Royal fans were ecstatic to learn Meghan Markle made a trip to New York City to celebrate her upcoming arrival with close friends. There was reportedly a lavish baby shower at one of the fanciest hotels in the city hosted by Meghan’s close friend Serena Williams.

Also in attendance were Amal Clooney and Jessica Mulroney. With many more members of Meghan’s inner circle at the shower, it was surely a wonderful event. However, there was one important person who was noticeably absent. Kate Middleton, Meghan’s sister in law, did not make the trip across the pond to be with her during this exciting time. Fans can’t help but wonder if there is a specific reason the Duchess of Cambridge did not attend Meghan Markle’s baby shower.

Are Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton feuding?

Rumors of a feud between Meghan and Kate have been circulating for quite a few weeks, leaving some people to wonder if that is the reason Kate did not attend. It has even been said that a feud is the main reason that Meghan and Prince Harry are moving out of Kensington Palace to the town of Windsor to raise their baby. However, it doesn’t seem as if there is any bad blood between the two Duchesses, which is a relief to many. Meghan definitely does not need the stress of an argument between her and Kate right now.

Was Kate just too busy to attend?

With three children to take care of, it appears that Kate was simply too busy to fly all the way to New York City for Meghan’s shower. As all parents of small children know, taking care of kids is a full-time job. It is quite possible that Kate just wanted to spend some quiet time with her children, and taking a trip to New York would have been too much for her to do. This is certainly understandable, as the Duchess of Cambridge definitely has her hands full.

Was Prince William against Kate attending?

Prince William surely encourages a friendship between Meghan and Kate, so he certainly would not have objected to Kate attending the baby shower. Most likely, it was Kate’s decision not to go and didn’t have anything to do with her husband. Although Kate was not there, fans can bet that she sent plenty of good wishes to Meghan on her important day.

Will Meghan have another baby shower in London?

Having a baby shower is more of an American tradition, so it remains to be seen if there will be another shower once Meghan returns to the palace. While it would be great to see the Duchess of Sussex have two baby showers, there may just be a small gathering that is not very high profile. We all know that Kate is a great party planner, so perhaps she will be hosting some sort of event to celebrate the newest royal.

Which of Meghan’s friends attended her shower?

Meghan Markle spotted in New York City
Meghan Markle in NYC for her baby shower | Gotham/GC Images

Although Kate Middleton did not make the trip to New York City for Meghan’s shower, many of her close friends were able to be there. One of Meghan’s former co-stars, Abigail Spencer was there, as were Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Gayle King, and Misha Nonoo, among others.

It seemed to be quite a spectacular party, with decorations being delivered to the venue, and spectators lined up in the snow-covered street to catch a glimpse of both the royal mother-to-be and her guests. Those who were lucky enough to score an invite most definitely had the time of their lives at the amazing baby shower!