Why Didn’t Princess Diana and Prince Charles Have More Kids?

Princess Diana was one of the most caring and compassionate people the world has ever known. When she officially became a member of the royal family, she began touching the lives of people all over the world.

Everyone loved Diana, and for good reason. Not only was she beautiful, but she had a heart of gold, just one of the many reasons why she was known as the “people’s princess.”

Even after her marriage to Prince Charles ended, Diana continued to take on charity work, giving her love and understanding to those who needed it. Diana was known for raising her sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, to be like her in so many ways – not to take the privileges of royal life for granted, always give back to others, and share with people in need.

The late princess was such a wonderful mother that it caused many people to wonder why she and Prince Charles didn’t have more children.

Diana Princess Of Wales, Prince William, and Prince Harry
Diana Princess Of Wales, Prince William, and Prince Harry | Julian Parker/UK Press via Getty Images

Charles and Diana meet

Diana first met Prince Charles when she was just sixteen years of age. Many people don’t realize that at the time, he was dating her older sister. Charles was twelve years older than Diana, making them an unlikely match, but eventually, they began a relationship.

After only a handful of dates, Diana was presented with the iconic sapphire and diamond engagement ring that Kate Middleton now wears. At the age of 20, Diana married Charles in a lavish royal wedding and became beloved not only by the people of England but by fans everywhere.

A future king is born

On June 21, 1982, Charles and Diana welcomed their first son, Prince William Arthur Philip Louis, into the world, and the royal family couldn’t have been happier. Buckingham Palace didn’t announce the name of the future king until a week later, quite different from the royal approach to welcoming new babies in modern times.

Everyone knew that Diana would be a loving, doting mother, and that’s exactly what she was. She devoted as much time as possible to baby William, making sure he was well taken care of and had everything he could possibly need to be a happy, healthy boy. One thing was missing, however, and that was a sibling.

Prince Harry makes his debut

On September 15, 1984, Prince Harry Charles Albert David made his entrance into the world, and England officially had an “heir and a spare”. Diana couldn’t have been happier to be the mom of two boys, as motherhood seemed to come naturally to her.

Her children adored her, and with plenty of room at Kensington Palace for many more little children to run around and play, royal fans were wondering if Diana would have even more kids.

Why didn’t Princess Diana and Prince Charles have more kids?

It would have been great if the Prince and Princess could have welcomed even more children into the world, however, their marriage was on the rocks. At the time, Charles was having an affair with Camilla Parker Bowles, who he eventually married years after Diana’s tragic death.

Fans, as well as the royal family, resented him for this since it is what ultimately broke up his marriage. According to Diana’s butler, she knew that her marriage was coming to an end and that she would never be queen. Charles felt that he did what needed to be done by having two sons, and chose to pursue his relationship with Camilla.

It is likely that Diana didn’t want to have a third child since she knew her marriage was soon ending in divorce. Although many fans may have wished for William and Harry to have a little brother or sister, we are more than thrilled with the two handsome and good-hearted princes that Charles and Diana gave to the world.