Why Do Americans Seem to Like Meghan Markle More Than the British?

It is difficult to imagine anyone not liking Meghan Markle. She is beautiful, intelligent, and charismatic, and she makes one of our favorite royals, Prince Harry, very happy.

In the past few years, ever since it was announced that the prince was in a serious relationship with Meghan, it seems that most fans just can’t get enough. Everyone was on the edge of their seats waiting for the couple to get engaged, and when it happened, they couldn’t hide their excitement.

A few months later, millions of fans tuned in to watch the royal wedding, and soon after, those same people were jumping for joy when the Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced that they were expecting their first child.

It would appear as if Meghan is the type of person whom everyone just adores. So, why is it that Americans seem to like Meghan more than the British do?

She loves to do things her own way

Meghan Markle
Meghan, Duchess of Sussex | Samir Hussein/WireImage

For as long as anyone can remember, members of the British royal family followed strict protocol and maintained a very specific image. Whether someone was born into the royal family or was a royal by marriage, there was, and still is, a long list of rules to follow. The queen insists that her family members behave in a certain way, yet when Meghan and Harry got married, it was clear that the new duchess was doing things according to her own rule book.

She doesn’t always follow the queen’s dress code, she has very strong beliefs, and given her acting background, she is known for putting a celebrity spin on royal life. While Americans love this, the British public may not be on board.

Is it because Meghan is American that she is more well-liked by people in the US?

Fans all over the United States couldn’t have been happier when Meghan joined the British royal family. According to Express, Americans are “proud” of Meghan and very happy that she is married to the grandson of Queen Elizabeth.

While it is easy to assume that Meghan herself being American is the main reason as to why people in the United States seem to like her more, according to Quora, that may not be entirely accurate. Apparently, Meghan’s British fan base is declining.

Is it because the news media are blowing things more than just a little out of proportion? After all, Meghan had a pretty significant fan base long before she ever married into the British royal family. It seems strange that things would suddenly change now that she is the wife of Prince Harry.

Do the British fans really have something against Meghan?

Meghan is different than the rest of the royals – there is no denying that. She is more modern, less traditional, and has certain viewpoints on life that are not likely to change.

According to ABC News, there are a few reasons as to why those on the other side of the pond don’t consider Meghan to be their favorite royal. Many may not like the fact that she was married once before Prince Harry. While that might not seem like an important detail, there was a time when it was almost unheard of for a royal to marry someone who had been previously divorced.

Also, Meghan still seems to live a “Hollywood” life. She has more than a few celebrity friends, who are constantly making headlines.

It may seem that there is always an underlying reason for the public to dislike people like politicians or even the royals, and we can likely conclude that Meghan’s contemporary beliefs and behavior may be a reason as to why Americans like her just a little more.