Why Do Chris Evans’s Political Beliefs Bother So Many Fans?

Chris Evans has been so popular as Captain America that some Marvel fans can’t take umbrage with anything he might say that’s controversial. This isn’t to say he hasn’t been criticized for his candor on numerous political opinions. Then again, what should we expect from someone playing Captain America when we know this superhero name isn’t taken in vain?

Evans more or less found himself in that in-between space where celebrities aren’t allowed to opine about politics while feeling rage at the situation America now faces.

He’s standing up for his political opinions, but it’s worth a minute to analyze what he’s said and what (if any) repercussions there could be.

Chris Evans uses Twitter as soapbox

Chris Evans
Chris Evans | Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

Saying a celebrity uses Twitter as a political stage is as obvious as saying the President receives negative replies in 10 seconds to everything he tweets. Both are still true with Chris Evans using Twitter in daring ways to fight back against political injustices.

Some have even suggested he’s blurred lines on reality and wants to be like Captain America in finding ways to right many of America’s current wrongs. Actors dipping their toe into such waters has always led to disastrous situations, particularly on Twitter.

What’s Evans’ approach on Twitter, though? If you look at his account, you’ll see a substantial history of going for the jugular against specific political talk show hosts, celebrities, and politicians. His comments are sometimes blistering, though always reasoned and never done in a threatening way.

Nevertheless, some fans of his aren’t happy that he’s doing this. He’s not apologizing for it, whether it creates a disparity in his fan base or not.

Encouraging people to stand up against political insanity

Not many celebrities would be willing to lock horns with someone like white supremacist David Duke on Twitter without thinking it could damage their careers. Evans went after Duke with a passion, leading the latter to ridiculously accuse Evans of being anti-Semitic of all things.

Verbal war like this on Twitter isn’t unusual, yet is Evans taking major risks as he continues doing the same?

When interviewed about it, he says his rage about what’s happening in American politics can’t let him sit idle. You can’t blame him, even if he’s in that spot where speaking up is considered being hypocritical just because you’re a left-leaning Hollywood denizen.

In the view of Evans, if it means some people not going to see his movies because of his fight again encroaching racism, so be it. Few other notable people would be willing to take similar actions.

It helps that Evans is respected as a genuine figure in Hollywood rather than someone who has to eat his words about being an honest American.

The guise as Captain America may make the political rants more palatable

Whether Chris Evans thinks he’s a real-life Captain America is neither here nor there. It’s doubtful he blurs reality and fantasy on this level. Undoubtedly, he’s grateful he has enough fans from the MCU to keep fighting back against bigotry and other injustices without worrying about it wrecking his career.

Those who uphold extremist views in this country are still in the minority, no matter if it seems like the majority lately. Let’s be grateful someone of influence like this is willing to speak up and be a patriot against the social wrongs we see in our headlines every day.

Despite likely not returning to the role of Captain America any time soon, we have to wonder if Evans will take on movie roles addressing our current situation. In the meantime, he may help shape the real superheroes in America: Those who have the power to speak up because they can and have the intelligence to make cogent points when debating.

Doing so is something even the fictional Marvel superheroes would maybe think is bad PR.