Why Do ‘Counting On’ Fans Love Jinger Duggar So Much?

When it comes to Counting On, there are more than enough family members for fans and critics to like and dislike. With 19 children plus two parents and new husbands and wives joining the family every year, there are bound to be some Duggars who are more liked than others. But it seems that one Duggar who gets hardly anything negative from fans is Jinger Duggar. She’s married to Jeremy Vuolo and the two share a young daughter together — but why does everyone seem to love her more than the others?

Jinger Duggar with her husband and baby
Jinger Duggar with her husband and baby | Jinger Vuolo via Instagram

Jinger Duggar has always been a bit more rebellious than her siblings

It’s possible that one reason fans love Jinger is because she’s always been a bit of a rule breaker. Most notably, Jinger posted a photo a little while back of her wearing pants. Fans were surprised (in a good way) to see this, since the Duggar daughters growing up were never allowed to wear anything but skirts. Michelle Duggar supposedly thought showing off curves would give other men the wrong idea, so the girls wore denim skirts to fully hide their figures. However, once Jinger was out on her own, she began wearing pants and hasn’t looked back. Since then, her sisters have also begun wearing pants — but not as often.

People swoon over how in love Jinger and her husband are

Fans love to see Jinger sharing happy moments with her husband. While some of the other men who married into the Duggar family have made the news for negative reasons (Derick Dillard and Austin Forsyth, specifically), hardly anybody has a bad thing to say about Jeremy Vuolo. He and Jinger have always gotten along well and haven’t been surrounded by rumors about any relationship issues. He appears to value her as more than just a mother but rather a life partner, and people love the couple’s marriage.

Jinger has a young daughter, and fans can’t seem to get enough of her

When it comes to Jinger and Jeremy’s baby girl, fans go crazy over her. Felicity Nicole Vuolo was born in July 2018, and since then, Jinger has not stopped posting adorable photos of her. She posted a Christmas photoshoot and fans went crazy. Felicity appears to have quite a personality, since she’s always smiling and laughing in the photos her mother posts. Jeremy spends plenty of time with the baby as well; it looks like the two co-parent well, rather than Jeremy working and Jinger raising the kids.

Fans feel that Jinger is pulling away from her parents’ strict rules

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar have always had very strict household rules, but some fans think Jinger is pulling away from that a bit. Jinger moved to Texas with her husband, and now there are rumors that the couple might make a move to Los Angeles. People feel that Jinger not being afraid to leave the nest shows that while she loves her parents, she’s shying away from all of the strict religious rules they instilled in her. Jinger and Jeremy will always be very religious, but they have normalized their lives a bit compared to her parents.

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