Why Do Dads Like Tom Brady Get Shamed on the Internet?

It’s not always easy being a celebrity. When living in the spotlight, anything you do can suddenly get dissected on the internet and social media becomes a forum for unsolicited comments. This is especially true for celebrity parents who are just trying to go about their day with their children.

Recently, Tom Brady became the latest subject of the internet’s dad-shaming rage when a video of him and 6-year-old daughter Vivian went viral. But why do these celebrity fathers get shamed so much? Is the anger justified or is it too much? Read on below to find out.

Tom Brady
Tom Brady | Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

What did Tom Brady and his daughter do in the viral video?

On July 19, Tom Brady and his family were on vacation in Costa Rica when the quarterback posted a video on to Instagram. In it, he and daughter Vivian are seen at the top of a waterfall, about the make a big jump.

Vivian is clearly scared and nervous, and she grabs onto her father’s hand. Brady encouraged her to jump with him and counted to three. Then, he took a leap, his hand still holding on to Vivian and essentially yanking her down with him.

The two fell into the water below, though they safely emerged a second later.

What do people have to say about Brady’s video?

Many folks on the internet are not happy about the fact that Brady essentially dragged his 6-year-old child off a cliff.

“Absolutely the most stupid and dangerous thing for a 6 yr. old child to do,” a person on Instagram wrote. “You should be ASHAMED.”

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson also did not approve of the video. He commented: “You KNOW I have complete faith in you as a man, friend, player and father — but this just gave me anxiety. Geeezus.”

However, other internet users do not think the whole thing is a big deal. Some pointed out that the cliff “wasn’t that big” while others believe that if Vivian was up there on the rocks, she must have wanted to do it and Brady was essentially giving her a good tug.

What other celebrities have been dad-shamed?

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Brady is not the first person to get dad-shamed and he most likely will not be the last one.

Last year, Daniel Craig got shamed by Piers Morgan for wearing a baby carrier. Morgan said that Craig was “emasculating” James Bond by not carrying the child with his arm.

However, when John Legend carried his 1-year-old daughter, a fan criticized him and his wife, saying: “So tired of seeing them carrying her. She needs no legs then.”

Meanwhile, some dads like David Beckham and Dwayne Wade got on the internet’s bad side when they posted photos of them kissing their children on the lips.

Why do these celebrity dads get shamed on the internet?

While some anger on the internet could be justified (such as in the case of Tom Brady, who could potentially be putting his daughter in a dangerous situation), others are simply the result of a social media environment where everyone has a voice.

This, naturally, has led to some voices being amplified even when they probably shouldn’t be. 

For example, there are still many people who see certain parenting jobs as being for women, and these critics will lash out at fathers who do them. The situation with Daniel Craig was a perfect example of this. A lot of actresses have used baby carriers before, but the moment Craig used them, he and his James Bond character were no longer seen as “masculine” enough for his male audience.

Additionally, trolls are everywhere on the internet and they are known for making arguments out of tiny, unimportant things. It’s almost impossible for celebrities to escape trolls, so many famous fathers have probably learned to ignore them and keep on doing what they need to do as parents.