Why Do People Think Donald Trump Had a Hand in Jeff Bezos’ Divorce Reveal?

Jeff Bezos recently announced his divorce from his wife MacKenzie after 25 years of marriage. Bezos’ spot as the world’s wealthiest man ensured this news received a lot of speculation and coverage online.

When news of an alleged extramarital affair popped up, that speculation increased tenfold. Due to some of the circumstances surrounding the reveal, some assumed that Donald Trump may have had a hand in it.

What led many to believe this was possible? Let’s take a look:

Why did Jeff Bezos get a divorce?

CEO of Amazon Jeff Bezos and writer MacKenzie Bezos

CEO of Amazon Jeff Bezos and writer MacKenzie Bezos | Jerod Harris/Getty Images

Jeff Bezos’ divorce announcement was truly stunning. He had what appeared to be a picture-perfect, loving marriage supported by one of the great corporate empires of the last century. According to all reports, he and his wife MacKenzie had a loving union.

Even as the two split, it appeared they were on amicable if not great terms. They released a joint statement on Twitter proclaiming their¬†pledge to stay friends and partners in both business and life going forward. It might not have been a happy ending, but it wasn’t as sad as some divorces.

That is, of course, before even more earth-shattering news hit. Shortly following the divorce announcement, rumors of a Bezos affair began appearing online.

Who revealed that Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez were having an affair?

E! News reported that mere hours after the announcement of the Bezos’ divorce, an affair between Jeff and former So You Think You Can Dance host Lauren Sanchez was exposed. The two had met when both were married in Seattle, socializing at various events.

According to Page Six, the two became close last fall after Sanchez separate from her husband, WME CEO Patrick Whitesell. Bezos hired her to work on his Blue Origin project as a helicopter pilot.

The first news source to cover this affair, however? That would be none other than the National Enquirer, who broke the story.

To understand how that may tie back to Donald Trump, let’s take a closer look at the Bezos-Trump relationship.

Why does Donald Trump hate Jeff Bezos?

Based on his Tweets alone, it would seem Donald Trump does not take too kindly to Jeff Bezos.

Donald Trump began angrily tweeting about Amazon in 2015, a few months before his presidential campaign began. Trump’s campaign was covered – in Trump’s estimation, unfairly so – by the Washington Post.

The Washington Post is owned by Jeff Bezos.

While Trump is known for his bombastic tweets, Bezos did not take the assault lying down. He burned Trump on Twitter in December 2015. One would have to assume the soon to be president didn’t appreciate the dig.

The relationship between the two can be described as adversarial at best. But what possible connection could there be between the Bezos-Trump relationship and the reveal of Bezos’ affair?

Why do people think Donald Trump had a hand in Jeff Bezos divorce reveal?

Donald Trump

Donald Trump | Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

In the 2016 campaign season, the National Enquirer ran numerous negative stories about Hillary Rodham Clinton and other Trump rivals. As a mountain of negative Clinton stories mounted, the publication seemingly had a hard time uncovering any unflattering stories about Trump.

The Enquirer’s publisher, American Media, Inc., admitted in 2015 to paying off an alleged Trump mistress prior to the campaign to the tune of $150,000. It was what’s known in the publishing industry as a “catch and kill” payment – you pay the source then refuse to run the story to protect the subject.

In short, the speculation is that the tabloid company that publishes the National Enquirer, a Trump-friendly outlet, pursued the Bezos story due to its continued connection with and support of Donald Trump.