Why Do People Think Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Are Breaking Up?

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are the hottest couple in Hollywood. They have adorable children, red-hot careers, and a relationship that is the envy of many. In fact, envy might be leading some to say J-Lo and A-Rod are close to breaking up.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez together
Are Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez really close to breaking up? ANGELA WEISS/AFP/Getty Images

With Jennifer Lopez touring the world, performing shows to sold-out crowds everywhere, and Rodriguez supporting her every step of the way, the pair seems closer than ever. However, a recent report indicates that Lopez and Rodriguez could be close to breaking up.

Do fans really have cause to worry? We break down the rumors and discuss whether Lopez and Rodriguez could end up making it down the aisle.

When did Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez start dating?

Although Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez first crossed paths back in 2005, they were involved with other people at the time. They reconnected again in 2017 following a chance meeting outside a restaurant in Beverly Hills. Lopez had just gone through a very public breakup from her backup dancer Casper Smart and was ready to accept love in her life again. The two started dating and didn’t wait long before flaunting their new relationship on red carpets.

Lopez and Rodriguez had both been married before, so they weren’t pressured to rush into an engagement or marriage. Still, Rodriguez wanted to seal the deal with his superstar girlfriend. Earlier this year, they announced their engagement. The couple has kept their exact wedding plans under wraps, and with all the projects that J-Lo has on her plate, it seems likely that there won’t be a wedding until later this year at the earliest. Still, with new rumors hinting at a rift in the pair’s relationship, could their wedding plans be set aside?

Why do people think Lopez and Rodriguez are having problems?

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Unnamed sources recently claimed Jennifer Lopez isn’t happy with some of Alex Rodriguez’s recent behavior. The baseball pro made headlines when he spoke out about a conversation he had with Kylie Jenner at the Met Gala. Among other things, Rodriguez stated that Jenner spoke only about her makeup empire and “how rich” she is. Needless to say, Jenner wasn’t thrilled with Rodriguez’s memory of events, and called him out on social media, stating that in fact, the two had talked about Game of Thrones while at the Met. Rodriguez acknowledged that she was correct, but it is possible that the damage had been done.

The report that claims Lopez and Rodriguez are on the fritz hints that Lopez isn’t at all happy with how talkative Rodriguez has been lately and that she was embarrassed by the Met Gala fiasco. The source says that the incident has led to friction between the famous couple and that since both of them have fiery tempers, arguments have been exacerbated. 

Lopez and Rodriguez probably aren’t bothered by the speculation

Despite the report’s claims, it seems unlikely that Lopez is truly upset with Rodriguez over the Kylie Jenner commentary. Even if she wasn’t thrilled with his choice of words, it hardly seems like that one incident would be enough to make them break up, or postpone their wedding. After all, Lopez and Rodriguez are both mature adults, with plenty of knowledge gleaned from past relationships about how to deal with bumps in the road. 

They both seem committed to each other and to making their relationship work for the sake of themselves and their children – who have reportedly grown very close. Although they will no doubt experience problems in the future, just like every couple, there’s no reason to think that they would jump ship after one incident in the tabloids.