Why Do Some Fans Expect Royal Mothers Like Meghan Markle to Pose for Photos After Giving Birth?

There are certain traditions that members of the royal family are expected to uphold. Some are for decorum, some are for practicality, and some are for the sentiment behind them. With the birth of Prince Harry and Meghan’s Markle’s baby approaching, there will be many customs and rules that the couple will be expected to uphold. But why do people expect Meghan to pose with her baby after birth?

When is Baby Sussex due?

While there has been no official due date announced, those who have been following the royal family speculate it is fast approaching. Based on statements from the family and Meghan’s schedule, most people estimate that the new baby is due in late April or early May. That means the birth is just weeks away — less if the duchess delivers before 40 weeks.

Like any expecting couple, the parents-to-be have been getting ready for their new baby’s arrival. The duchess has stopped all public appearances and does not have anything scheduled until mid-October. They have also been busy making sure their new home, especially the nursery, is ready for the baby.

Meghan and Harry have moved into their new home

Due to numerous last-minute changes in the house’s design, the couple’s move-in date to their new home at Frogmore Cottage was delayed. The couple’s new home was just recently finished, but many were worried that their new house would not be ready before Meghan delivered.

The renovated cottage has been transformed from a five-suite staff quarters to a home fit for royals. It includes a gourmet kitchen, a yoga studio, a room for Markle’s mother, Doria Ragland, and of course a nursery for the baby.

The duchess will not deliver at St. Mary’s Hospital

For many years, the royal family has used St. Mary’s Hospital to deliver their children. Prince William and Prince Harry were born there, as well as all three of Prince William’s children. But Harry and Meghan have decided to go a different route.

Sources say that Meghan will not deliver at St. Mary’s, but instead will use a hospital that is closer to the couple’s new home or perhaps even a home birth. In addition to the convenience the closer hospital provides, it will also allow for more privacy and let both mom and baby recover with less intrusion.

Why do fans expect the duchess to pose for photos after giving birth?

For decades, the people of England have looked on as members of the royal family have introduced their newborns to the world standing at the doors of the Lindo Wing of St. Mary’s Hospital. In 1982, Princess Diana became the first royal to pose with an heir to the throne, though she was not the first royal to pose for pictures.

Prince William and Kate Middleton have also posed with all three of their children at the famous doors. But with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex choosing to deliver at a different hospital, does this mean that the royal couple will not pose for photographs?

Royal commentator Victoria Arbiter thinks that the couple will pose for photographs in one form or another. She told Town and Country: “If I were a betting person, I would think Meghan and Harry would stop for a photograph because by standing and giving the press what they need in that photograph and in that moment, it reduces the value of any kind of paparazzi pictures,” adding, “That first photograph has the potential to be incredibly valuable. Which is when you see royals take control of the narrative.”

Emily Andrews, royal correspondent for The Sun, took to Twitter to share that Meghan will not be following the tradition. Andrews cited Buckingham Palace as her source. As for why: Andrews said in a second tweet that the couple wants to spend time with Baby Sussex before engaging in a photo-op.

Fans can be rest assured that they will receive Baby Sussex images at some point, just not right after the royal baby is born.