Why Do Some Royal Fans Believe Prince William Cheated on Kate Middleton?

Unless you’ve been on a deserted island for the past few weeks, you are well aware that yet another scandal is surrounding the royal family.

This time, there is a crazy rumor that Prince William cheated on his wife, Kate Middleton, with none other than her close friend, Rose Hanbury. There are many fans who don’t believe this for a second, but also some people who believe it is true, despite the lack of evidence.

It is difficult to imagine a husband as wonderful as William doing such a thing, and no official statements have been released.

At this point, no one knows if the rumors are true or not. William and Kate are a true example of the perfect couple, so why do some royal fans believe that the prince did, in fact, cheat on Kate?

Who is Rose Hanbury?

Rose Hanbury, who has the official title of Marchioness of Cholmondeley, and her husband are close friends of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Her family has had connections with the royal family for decades. Rose is a former model who actually resembles Kate a bit, which actually has caused some of the speculations that it is possible that William could be attracted to her.

Rose and her husband reside in Norfolk, close to where William and Kate have a home, allowing the two couples to spend as much time together as they would like to.

Recently, it was reported by The Sun that Kate and Rose had a falling out, and while the reason for this has not officially been disclosed, many are assuming it is due to an affair between William and Rose.

Has William ever cheated before?

Not that we know of, and we seriously doubt it. For many years, William has only had eyes for Kate, and she feels the same way about him. The two have been together since their college days, growing and sharing important experiences together.

They are the parents of three beautiful children, and William is such a caring, genuine person, not to mention as honest as anyone can be. There has never been any speculation of him cheating on Kate in the past. 

Prince Charles had an affair

While it is true that Prince Charles famously cheated on William’s mother, the late Princess Diana, it certainly does not mean that William has done the same thing. If anything, it likely taught William at a young age just how wrong cheating is, considering that he saw how it ultimately led to the end of his parents’ marriage.

William also knows that royal fans were genuinely disappointed in Prince Charles at the time of his affair, and it would not be right for him to do the same.

It just doesn’t make sense

Royal fans can clearly see just how connected William and Kate are. They are one of the most photographed couples in the entire world, and the evidence for an affair just isn’t there.

He is an extremely loyal husband, who is fully dedicated to his wife, his children, and his royal duties.

Why do some fans believe that the rumors are true?

Some fans will believe anything they read in the tabloids, and they assume that history is repeating itself. People often enjoy scandalous stories for entertainment purposes, but that’s as far as they should go. An affair between William and Rose just doesn’t make sense, as they have never been seen sneaking around behind Kate’s back, and there is no evidence of any infidelity.

Kate has never told anyone that she can’t trust her husband or that she has suspicions that we know of. Even in the midst of all of the rumors, she has remained extremely confident, not letting what anyone thinks get to her. William has done the same, having been seen smiling and with his head held high. Tabloid stories are just part of the job when you’re a royal.