Why Does Cameran Eubanks From ‘Southern Charm’ Think Shep Rose and Chelsea Meissner Will Never Be a Couple?

Often Southern Charms voice of reason, Cameran Eubanks weighed in on whether or not there is a future for Shep Rose and Chelsea Meissner.

Rose seemed pretty interested in Meissner a few years ago when Meissner and Austen Kroll were a couple. Rose played it cool like he usually does with the ladies, but his charms didn’t work on Meissner. Of course, that meant “game on” in Rose’s mind. He made pursuing her a part-time job until he ultimately made his move one drunken night.

Shep Rose, Cameran Eubanks, |Photo by Evans Vestal Ward/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Meissner, who was still seeing Kroll at the time, was not receptive to Rose’s advances. In fact, the evening temporarily drove a wedge in Rose and Kroll’s friendship. But that’s all water under the bridge. Both Rose and Meissner are single, so why not? Eubanks knows why.

Not an option

While the two seem (sort of) perfectly matched, Meissner says a romance with Rose is not even on the table. A Bravo producer asked her if they’d ever date during the Southern Charm After Show.

Her response was perfect. First, she looks stunned wondering why that question was even asked. “Do what,” she asked back. Eubanks says, “I think that ship has sailed.”

Meissner clarified. “It never sailed.” Indeed, the two enjoy a fun, flirtatious friendship but Meissner made it pretty clear in past seasons that Rose was firmly in the friend zone. That was it.

Chelsea Meissner, Shepard Rose |Photo by Paul Cheney/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

This is why Eubanks says the romance will never work

Say it isn’t so! Even though they seem to be a match made in heaven, Eubanks, who knows both very well, says oh hell no. “I think Chelsea intimidates Shep,” Eubanks says shrugging. “I think he’s intimidated by you.”

Eubanks adds she thinks in Rose’s perfect world he’d be able to talk to Meissner. “He’d have the balls enough to tell you how he really feels,” she says. “But I don’t think he has it in him. And I think you intimidate him.”

But Eubanks adds, “I think Shep really likes Chelsea, I really do.” Meanwhile, Meissner tells Eubanks she thinks she’s so full of sh*t while Eubanks insists she knows Rose likes her.

Remember when Eubanks played matchmaker?

When Meissner was dating Kroll, Eubanks was rooting for Rose. “I remember getting at mad you because you were trying to push it,” Meissner recalls. “And I was like, ‘Why would you push me on a man who parties constantly, who doesn’t work?'”

Eubanks totally fesses up, laughing. “I know.” But, “I thought you were going to be the one to change him.” But Meissner says she doesn’t ever want to be that person.

Even though she had high hopes, Eubanks apologizes to Meissner. While Meissner says not to worry about it, she does have some pretty awesome insight. She observes how everyone is on Rose’s back to grow up and make changes. But if he’s not making those changes after all these years, he should instead embrace his life instead of trying to fight against it. “He’s not going to change,” Meissner says as Eubanks nods in agreement. Instead, everyone should just let Shep be Shep. Sounds like some pretty solid advice.

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