Why Does Caroline Bedol from ‘Below Deck’ Want Her Haters to Take Her to Task?

Caroline Bedol Instagram

The last time Below Deck viewers saw third stew Caroline Bedol on the show was on November 27, 2018.  In dramatic fashion, Bedol quit the show under the cloud of significant controversy. However, Bedol’s exit was not the only one during that fateful episode. Bosun Chandler Brooks was fired during the first few minutes.

Since that episode aired, more than a month ago, Below Deck fans moved on when it came to Brooks. But for Bedol, not so much. Twitter followers continue to post both negative and positive comments about Bedol on a regular basis, typically surging any time Bedol launches a tweet.

So what gives? Why do Below Deck viewers care about a crew member who was only on the show for a very short time? Bedol wondered the same thing so she’s been taking to Instagram Live and answering questions about Below Deck and her life.

She still gets a lot of hate

Anyone who scans #belowdeck on Twitter won’t be able to miss a number of annoyed and angry tweets hurled Bedol’s way. “I just saw your vid about Capt Crunch @capthlr. My reaction is ‘Oh, Honey, life would be better, happier, if you would just not lie. If what you said was even remotely true, no one would hire the Capt. Just like #45, you tell obvious lies. #BelowDeck #liarliarpantsonfire,” one person tweeted.

Another person wrote, “@bedolcaroline you were a train wreck on your season of below deck lmao… nobody is going to take your criticism of the captain seriously.” And these tweets were the gentle ones.

Why so much drama on social media? Many Twitter followers are Captain Lee Rosbach fans and believe Bedol aggressively came for Rosbach online. The two had a spicy Twitter exchange before Bedol’s exit from the show. And both insisted they’d be telling their truths during the reunion. Which, according to Bedol, she won’t be invited to attend. Most recently, Bedol and former bosun Kelley Johnson got into a Twitter spat too.

But it goes further than just disliking Bedol

A number of intense social media rumors and bizarre twists and turns have surfaced about Bedol to which she told The Cheat Sheet are mostly false. Most recently, a fan called the police, concerned Bedol was suicidal. The individual who made the call insisted it was based on a string of now-deleted tweets and direct messages.

When Bedol challenged the individual on Twitter, the response she received was, “Did I call for a wellness check on u last month. Yup that was me. Old news. Twitter knows there was one. Was it unsubstantiated. Nope. As a matter of fact I had to show cops tweets to substantiate. They saw a clear threat based on what u wrote. U scared the crap out of everyone.”

In addition to her tweets about Rosbach, Bedol says another reason she is not invited to the reunion is that producers want to protect her fragile mental health. Which Bedol scoffs and says is ridiculous. She adds when she confronted one producer about the tweets he admitted he hadn’t actually read them.

This is why she wants to talk to her haters

She asserts that social media is her only outlet since she is banned from attending the reunion. Even though social media seems to be a minefield, Bedol still wants to have an open, verbal discussion with those who don’t particularly like her. “By having a hater come on and ask questions, as opposed to a supporter, that’s how we get down to the nitty-gritty,” she says. “Because I want people to grill me. That’s the only way to get to the bottom line and I’m all about getting to the bottom line.”

She adds she’s not trying to get people to support her, but wants to answer any authentic question. “I have nothing to hide,” she adds. “I’m inviting my naysayers to prosecute me and directly ask me questions a though I’m on the stand.”

This includes her most vehement critics, especially those who have made accusations. “I want to have a civilized, respectful conversation or argument with someone who has a totally different viewpoint,” she says. “It’s possible.”

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