Why Does Chelsea Handler Have a Problem with Oranges?

Comedian Chelsea Handler may not be getting as much vitamin C as she would like thanks to the President of the United States.

Handler candidly discussed her stance on oranges and her latest book, “Life Will Be the Death of Me” at the 8th annual Martha’s Vineyard Book Festival on Friday.  Handler and comedian Seth Meyers chatted in front of a sold-out crowd at the Martha’s Vineyard Performing Arts Center. They covered a number of subjects–including oranges.

Chelsea Handler and Seth Meyers
Chelsea Handler and Seth Meyers | Lloyd Bishop/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

“The orange,” she said, the MV Times reports, “I’ve had a problem with the color and fruit ever since the election.” 

Trying to stop being mad at the color

She gazed at the orange and added,  “I can’t be mad at a color. I took it and the anger was undone.” She told the audience that it was her therapist who helped her stop being angry about the election.

“I think it was a valid reason to lose your [expletive] mind,” she said, MV Times reports. However, the election prompted her to talk to therapist, Dan Siegal. He helped her uncover what was really bubbling underneath.  “I live in LA, and LA’s a tricky place,” she remarked. “There’s a lot of talk about kale and chakras and sound baths. Those are the people I always thought needed therapy.” 

Siegal was a big focus of Handler’s book. The therapist helped her realize she had unresolved emotions surrounding her brother’s death when she was 9 years old. “My brain emotionally shut down,” she said.

Catch and release

Handler and Meyers bantered back and forth, but toward the end of the discussion, comedian Amy Schumer made a surprise appearance. She decided to take over the question and answer portion with Handler, who is also a close friend.

As she moved Meyer’s aside, Schumer joked, “Aw. You poor, rich, white man,” as the audience laughed. Schumer posted to Instagram, “Very fun crashing @chelseahandler being interviewed by @sethmeyers about her book #lifewillbethedeathofme which changed my life.”

She may not love oranges but can get into donuts

Handler, Meyers, and Schumer all have ties to the Vineyard. The three comedians are likely to be spotted on the island during the summer. Schumer has shared a number of photos with her son and husband, who is from the island, on the Vineyard.

Meyers also comes to the Vineyard and married on the island in 2013. Friend and comedian, John Mulaney shared a hilarious account of the nuptials that didn’t go exactly as planned.

Handler shared video with her niece and nephew to her Instagram story. She filmed her niece, Charley explaining what happened when everyone went to get donuts later in the evening. Back Door Donuts is an island tradition for many and Handler’s niece rates them as an 11 out of 10. “I usually give things a pretty high rating, but this is really, really good,” Charley says.

But what would a visit to Back Door Donuts be without some silliness? Charley shared that a “nice, local drunk man joined our family.” To which Handler says nodding, “Well, we have room for more than one drunk.”