Why Does Everybody Love Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga’s ‘Shallow’ So Much?

Almost everyone who watched the 2019 Oscars thought the duet of Shallow with Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga was the highlight. While rumors persist about them having a secret love affair, it was more clear they set their duet up to bring joy (as attendee Marie Kondo might say). If you watch carefully, you can see Cooper and Gaga coordinated their duet as a perfect form of art and acting.

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper playing Shallow
Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper playing Shallow | Ed Herrera via Getty Images

It was a master class in how to perform a sensual duet. What do people love so much about it, though, other than the appeal of the two stars? Let’s take a few minutes to understand the song Shallow, what the lyrics mean, and why it truly deserved to win Best Song at the Oscars.

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga prepared extensively for the ‘Shallow’ duet

Any duet that looks spontaneous and full of real feelings between the singers is a win for the musical arts. As romantic as the duet was, Cooper and Gaga did prepare for it down to the finest detail.

Performing the song together recently in Las Vegas during one of Lady Gaga’s live shows also made good as an official rehearsal. Beyond that, Cooper was reportedly terrified about singing at the Oscars and worked with the vocal coach he used in A Star is Born to officially prepare.

Even though Cooper basically exorcised the Jackson Maine character from the Oscar performance, he still sounded good as himself. This seemed to prove some people have a good singer inside them with the right training.

‘Shallow’ has a lot of depth

The title Shallow is very ironic considering the important message Lady Gaga wanted to send in the song. No doubt the title was intentional, because she wanted the song’s tone to be about reigniting real conversations with our fellow humans.

After the Oscars, Gaga was quoted as saying our phones are becoming our reality rather than taking time to talk with people close to us face to face. Shallow ultimately opens the window to how shallow we really are and that we should take time to acknowledge it and do something to amend.

We don’t see songs this deep often. Regardless, the inner message was clearly lost within all the romantic brouhaha of Cooper and Gaga performing together. Now you see there couldn’t have been a better Oscar choice for Best Song.

Cooper and Gaga’s chemistry is still undeniably strong

If you spend any time on Twitter, then you likely saw a lot of opining about the Cooper and Gaga duet and how it affected people. Notable stars like Mel B went even further and said she felt uneasy about Cooper’s girlfriend Irina Shayk during the intimate parts of the duet.

It’s true that when Cooper walked over to the piano bench to finish the song with Lady Gaga, their final embrace looked like they were about to kiss. What the camera didn’t see was Cooper’s girlfriend Irina Shayk giving a standing ovation for the duet.

All evidence points to the duet being simply two good friends creating a memorably romantic performance. Based on other information available, Shayk is also a big fan of Lady Gaga and was seen embracing her throughout the evening.

Does the ‘Shallow’ duet prove you can be good friends without falling in love?

A question like this sounds like the question posed by When Harry Met Sally 30 years ago. In the world of today’s showbiz world, any sign of affection for another person is automatically looked at as something romantic.

What we all saw in the Cooper and Gaga duet was likely a great example of sensual acting and a celebration of a rare close bond. We have a feeling most of the public agrees, which explains why they won’t stop talking about it any time soon.

In our book, this makes for a much better world since a potential romantic triangle only brings discord we hardly need now.