Why Does Everyone Think This Marvel Movie is the Worst One?

Deciding what makes a classic Marvel movie is a question movie fans will have to start asking now after 11 years and three phases of Marvel Cinematic Universe films.

One thing most Marvel fans can agree on is that the films become better and better as time goes on and the superhero universe becomes larger.

We can also likely agree Phase Three has had the best group of films so far when you consider Black Panther alone set a new and socially relevant precedent.

This doesn’t mean the worst Marvel movies were stuck exclusively in the first phase when the franchise was still growing. General consensus says one film from Phase Two was the worst to date.

The worst film from Phase One: ‘The Incredible Hulk’

No one can say any of the Iron Man films were bad since they kicked off the entire franchise in 2008. Robert Downey Jr. also became an even bigger superstar thanks to his entertaining and snarky personality as Tony Stark.

While the first two Iron Man films might seem a tad outdated in special effects compared to the CGI advancements of the last decade, they still have sharp scripts and acting.

In-between those two Iron Man films came The Incredible Hulk, arguably one of the biggest mistakes of the MCU. Iron Man also makes a quick appearance during the famous end-credits sequence.

At the time, everyone thought having Edward Norton playing Bruce Banner would be a huge coup considering he was already an Oscar-caliber actor by 2008. Norton gave a terrific performance, yet the script is still considered weak.

What makes this painful to say is Norton reportedly made a deal to work on a script rewrite. He wasn’t happy his script was ultimately re-cut from what he was promised, including no writing credit.

The worst film from Phase Two: ‘Thor: The Dark World’

As the MCU progressed, they have made a few missteps along the way. You can argue the end of Phase One and the beginning of Phase Two ended and started off well.

When the first sequel to Thor was released in early 2013, things went slightly askew. Diehard fans usually say Thor: The Dark World was by far the worst film of any Marvel product to date.

It’s amazing it didn’t hurt the chances for Chris Hemsworth to act in more Thor movies, despite being far from Hemsworth’s fault. Blame is usually placed on the weak script and chaotic production eliminating Patty Jenkins as the initial director. She had a number of brilliant ideas utilizing female villains, something the head of Marvel nixed.

The Dark World was really a learning moment to always work out pre-production issues and give what the public really wants. Fortunately, they’ve brought more women into the franchise by demand, something we hope to see more of soon.

Are there other weak Marvel films in Phases Two and Three?

You can’t really find any major bombs in ensuing MCU films. This isn’t to say you won’t find a few as slightly lesser efforts than what we’ve seen with most of the stellar films in Phase Three.

Many suggestions are out there Avengers: The Age of Ultron was less of a thrill than it should have been. Others sometimes say Ant-Man and Ant-Man and the Wasp were too slight to really matter in the broader picture of the Marvel universe.

An argument can be made Ant-Man was a needed comedic break to lighten things up and pave the way to more comedic superhero films.

In Phase Three, maybe you can argue there were too many films crammed into just three short years. Fortunately, the most recent of these (like Captain Marvel) was proven as a major hit when so many fans tried sabotaging the success of a woman becoming a pivotal Marvel superhero.