Why Does Joe Biden Always Bring ‘The View’ Co-Hosts to Agreement?

If it seems like only yesterday that Joy Behar was walking over Meghan McCain on The View, well, that’s because it basically was. The latest confrontation between the two co-hosts happened February 11, the day McCain returned following a brief absence.

But the Behar-McCain spat wasn’t the only fireworks viewers saw on the 11th. During that hour, Democratic presidential contender Amy Klobuchar joined the show in a live feed from New Hampshire. And Sunny Hostin proceeded to grill Klobuchar on her criminal-justice record.

It got so uncomfortable at one point that Behar asked Hostin if she was “prosecuting Amy Klobuchar.” That description would qualify as an accurate one, but the next time a presidential contender showed up, The View had a much more mellow vibe.

The guest was former Vice President Joe Biden, and his February 13 appearance found the co-hosts of The View in great spirits. No matter what’s happening, they can agree they like Biden and wife, Jill.

The co-hosts seem to consider Biden a benign, father-figure type

THE VIEW – Sunny Hostin and Meghan McCain applaud as Joe Biden looks on, April 26, 2019. | Lorenzo Bevilaqua/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

From the start of the Democratic primary, Biden has found a safe space on The View. As Whoopi Goldberg noted, Biden stopped by right when he announced his candidacy in 2019. During that visit, he received embraces from several co-hosts (including Republicans McCain and Ana Navarro).

Though he did receive tough questions from Hostin and Behar about Anita Hill that day, the co-hosts seemed satisfied with his answers in subsequent broadcasts. McCain, for her part, highlighted her longstanding relationship with the Biden family and her experience with Biden following her father’s death.

On February 13, those matters had been put to bed. This time around, Biden didn’t really receive any tough questions from the co-hosts. He did, however, get a lot of smiles and warm comments. (Jill Biden is also quite popular with the co-hosts.)

In a word, Biden, now 77, seems to strike the ladies at The View in a father-figure sort of way. It starts with the much-younger McCain, but the reaction to him from Goldberg, Behar, and Hostin also has that feel.

Biden’s old-school civility also has great appeal on ‘The View’

THE VIEW – Vice President Joe Biden visited on December 13, 2017. | Lou Rocco/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

In a discussion about South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, Biden demonstrated another reason why he’s so popular at The View. After Behar wondered how he could still be friends with Graham given his attacks on Biden and his son, Biden said he had to rise above it.

“Look, I plan on being president,” Biden said. “Presidents can’t hold grudges. You gotta heal — you gotta heal the country.” He also brought up how people suggest he go after the children of Donald Trump. “That’s not how we were raised,” Biden said.

That high-road approach truly resonates with the co-hosts at The View. While it may not be the approach they take every day on the show, they aspire to disagree while remaining civil with one another.

And at least this cast (minus Abby Huntsman) has managed to stay together since 2017. That doesn’t mean the fireworks won’t return on the next show, of course. You can usually set your watch to it.

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