Why Does R. Kelly Want the Media to Go Easy on Him?

There isn’t any end to the craziness we see in the world of showbiz, and the situation with R. Kelly has been in the Top Three of the year so far. After his wild interview with Gayle King for CBS This Morning (a primal scream therapy session), he’s since found a way to escape jail for sexual crimes. This was only because he managed to have enough money to post bail.

While he’s kept mostly quiet since, a recent Instagram post from R. Kelly has people wondering what’s going to happen next. In his video, he mentions attending a live event to keep money rolling in for himself. He even asks the media to go easy on him if they see him schmoozing with a drink in hand.

So will they, or is this just R. Kelly delusions of normalcy?

Is R. Kelly sane or living in denial?

Just take a look at his Instagram video for yourself to decide whether it was the right move. While you can argue he likely has to keep money coming in to keep living, most of the commenters say he won’t be free much longer.

It’s the way R. Kelly acts in the video that has people wondering if he’s in denial about what he’ll likely face in charges. He almost acts like nothing ever happened and clearly wants to go back to his previous sense of normal.

Unfortunately, he’s even carrying his notorious cigar again, denoting a sense he’s invincible to any trouble.

Will the media give him peace, or post this video as a form of stunning exhibition?

Trying to get into R. Kelly’s head

We’ve seen our share of fallen pop culture icons who just can’t admit they’ve done a horrible crime. We’re seeing our share of those now from all social corners.

Much of this stems back to O.J. Simpson who seemed to convince himself he didn’t murder his own wife. Since then, a lot of famous people who’ve committed crimes managed to create their own realities and continue to live life like nothing ever happened.

You can argue they do so to keep themselves sane knowing what kind of karma they have coming. When it’s sexual abuse, it seems to get buried even more into their subconscious to a point where they never admit it occurred.

Despite damning evidence, R. Kelly looks like he’s set up to go on this same path.

The video may be an Exhibit A for psychologists to study

If you give a read to the Instagram comments on R. Kelly’s video, you can see just how divided people are on whether he should be punished. A small few are standing up for him and others are adamant in their condemnation and calling him a crazy man.

One thing we know for sure is the media definitely won’t leave him alone, which is a dangerous thing considering what we know from the recent documentary Surviving R. Kelly.

On the other hand, hopefully this video will be analyzed by psychologists about the process powerful stars like R. Kelly seem to go through to stay within their sense of reality.

It could also become a tragic Exhibit A based on how he arguably shouldn’t be trying to live normally now.

Maybe the video will be taken down later

We’re likely looking at a time when R. Kelly will have a lengthy trial and a lengthy prison term for his alleged sexual abuse of underage girls. Things wouldn’t be so crazy had he been forced to stay in jail rather than go out and try to live life again.

The more he tries to stay normal, the more denial he’ll generate, possibly creating an even more tragic outcome. In this regard, it might be better if someone in his inner circle shuts down this video so it’s not used eventually as an uncomfortable reminder of what some A-list superstars can get away with doing.