Why Does the Media Treat Meghan Markle Differently Than Kate Middleton?

Since 2003, when Prince William First announced that he was dating Kate Middleton, all eyes were on the now Duchess of Cambridge. At one point, poor Kate must have felt as if she could do no right. Almost everywhere you looked, there was a magazine or other publication that was scrutinizing her for anything she did. Once Kate and William got married, a lot of people thought that the media’s attention would suddenly die down. However, just the opposite happened. The media seems to be more intrusive than ever now that she is married to the prince and has three children of her own.

When Prince Harry announced that he was dating an American actress in 2016, Kate might have let out a brief sigh of relief, hoping that the media would pay more attention to Meghan Markle than her. And while the media does seem to be obsessed with learning every aspect of Markle’s life, they still have, and will continue to have, a vested interest in Kate.

The media obviously seems to be enamored with both of the duchesses. But is one of them getting treated differently than the other by the media? Here is what we know about how Markle and Middleton are viewed by the public eye.

Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton| Tim P. Whitby/Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images

The media views Meghan Markle as a unique woman

When Kate got engaged to William, it was big news at the time due to the fact that Kate was considered a “commoner.” While it is not unheard of for royals to marry commoners, William was one of the first royals in the direct line of the throne to marry someone who was not a member of the aristocracy or nobility. Being that Kate was the only commoner in this century to marry so close to the throne, people were understandably curious about how Kate would be able to adjust to royal life.

When Harry married Meghan, people were more than just a little curious about the American actress — they were downright blown away. Harry wasn’t just marrying a “commoner,” he was marrying an American; someone who knew very little about how a monarchy even worked. People all over the world became obsessed with learning more about how a divorced American woman was able to snag her very own, real-life Prince Charming.

The media was also eager to weigh in on the unique situation as well. Although she is neither the first American woman to marry into a royal family nor even the first American actress to become a royal — award-winning actress, Grace Kelly, married the Prince of Monaco in 1956 — the media had portrayed her as somewhat of a revolutionary person. Instead of being praised for that, however, they seemed to instead try to dig around until they could find out any and all faults that she may have, and even spreading rumors about her relationships with the other members of the royal family.

Meghan Markle’s family only adds fuel to the fire

While it does seem like the media seems to care more about digging up on dirt on Meghan than it does Kate, there may be a good reason for that: Meghan is an easier target. When it comes to trying to finding out anything negative about the Duchess of Sussex, the media does not have to work too hard. Meghan’s father and half-sister are always more than happy to give them what they want. They use every opportunity that they can to make Meghan look as if she does not care about her family back home.

Last Christmas, Meghan’s half-sister, Samantha Markle, sent a Christmas card to Meghan that begged her to see her father for Christmas. She had insinuated in the card that their father probably was not going to be alive much longer and he would really like to spend his last few Christmases with Meghan.

How do we know what the card said? Well, she didn’t actually send it to Meghan. Instead, she sent a copy of it to The Mirror, who was more than happy to publish it. 

Her sister had also pointed out on Twitter that Meghan did not see her father on his birthday. Although, Meghan’s absence at her father’s birthday party should have come at no surprise to her family. Especially when you consider the fact that her own father has sold numerous defaming stories about Meghan and has even published a five-page letter that Meghan wrote to him, asking him to please stop going to the media.

Why does the media treat Meghan Markle differently than Kate Middleton?

Sometimes the media paints Meghan in a good light and sometimes they showcase the negative aspects of her life. They have done the same things to Kate as well; however, the media does seem to be more in a frenzy when it comes to Markle. The fact that she is an American woman living as a royal and the fact that her family throws her under the bus at every opportunity, means that, unfortunately, the media does have more to scrutinize when it comes to Markle’s life.

However, no matter how differently the media decides to treat Meghan, you can be sure that her Prince Charming, Harry, will stand by her side and protect her as much as he can. Not that she needs his protection — Meghan’s proven to be strong and resilient.