Why Does Wendy Williams Keep Canceling Shows?

Wendy Williams might be in the headlines almost daily, but she’s struggling with at least one aspect of her career. Williams’ comedy tour ā€” “For the Record…Umm Hmm!” ā€” has reportedly been suffering from low ticket sales. This has led her team to cancel a string of upcoming show dates. With everything going on in Williams‘ life, it seems as though a chance to hear her speak in person would be a hot opportunity for fans, but that has not been the case.

Why did Wendy Williams do a comedy tour?

Wendy Williams
Wendy Williams | Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images for Wilhelmina Models

Williams has been a popular radio and TV host for years, but only recently has she become a tabloid fixture. Following her divorce filing from longtime husband Kevin Hunter in April, fans have had more of an interest than ever in Williams and her personal life.

Williams decided to capitalize on the interest: She announced a comedy tour in August. She stated that she would act as host of the tour, while several standup comedian friends of hers would provide the bulk of the entertainment. The tour was set to start in late August, but since it kicked off, the tour has been plagued by a slew of canceled dates.

Both shows scheduled for Sept. 6th and 7th were abruptly canceled, with the venue offering a hasty explanation on the website stating that the goal and purpose of the tour have been “sidelined by headlines.” Ticket holders were offered a refund and a promise that Williams and her comedian friends hoped to return at some point in the future. On the Ticketmaster website, the Oct. 5th tour date is listed as canceled as well. 

Why is the comedy tour not going well?

There could be several reasons for the tour’s poor performance. In spite of the venue announcements claiming that headlines derailed the shows, it is being heavily reported that low ticket sales are the cause of the repeated cancellations. Venues won’t report individual ticket sales for events, but it seems like the most likely explanation at this point.

It is possible that fans are slowly losing interest in tales of Williams’ life and exploits on the town. Williams has been regularly posting to her Instagram since her split with Hunter, showing off pictures of her adventures with new friends in various nightclubs and luxury getaways. While it seems as though viewers still love Williams’ take on celebrity hot topics, these days she almost seems more like a celebrity herself rather than a sarcastic outsider, which is the persona she created for herself over a decade ago.

What’s next for Wendy Williams?

In spite of the poor results of her comedy tour, Williams isn’t backing down from new ventures. It was just announced that Williams would be backing a Comedy Central standup special, featuring Williams telling stories about her life and acts from comedians who joined her on the tour such as Carmen Barton and Mark Viera. While no broadcast date has been set yet, it’s likely that the special will be broadcast around the time that Williams returns to her talk show in mid-September. 

It will be interesting to see how people react to Williams when she gets back to her iconic purple chair. The host has made her career off of talking smack about celebrities and now that she’s a tabloid staple, her fans could begin to react to her differently.