Why Doesn’t Keanu Reeves Hold a Grudge Against Hollywood?

The value we place on the truly genuine actors of today can sometimes lead to complacency and jobs become more scarce due to a forgetting public. It’s hard to believe Keanu Reeves went through this same trajectory a few years ago. Perhaps it’s because so many mistakenly thought he was like every other Hollywood actor who doesn’t live up to the ideal expectations they set.

Today, Reeves is suddenly respected, and we think the world situation we’re in has a lot to do with this. Even if you can argue his lack of work for a while was simply due to some box office bombs, it’s a safe bet he has a loyal audience for the rest of his career, including maybe the MCU.

Should Keanu Reeves hold a grudge for how Hollywood once treated him?

Keanu Reeves
Keanu Reeves | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Keanu Reeves seems to put life in the proper perspective, something he’s likely been forced to do because of numerous life tragedies he endured. Some might say going through the worst possible things in your life helps you set a more sane path and go with the flow when life isn’t perfect.

When this happens, rewarding things can start to happen. Much of this occurs due thanks to being humble when good things finally do occur.

Step back a minute and realize how much loss Reeves had to absorb. He’s gone through a sad childhood, plus deaths of close siblings and friends. Through it all, he’s recently said this:

“Much of my appreciation of life has come through loss…”

Now you see how he approaches life differently than most and became one of the nicest and genuine A-list actors. Regardless, he still has a right to hold a grudge against Hollywood for not giving him the roles he once deserved. Perhaps he should also hold the public accountable for not really understanding him.

Of course, Reeves won’t hold a grudge

Anyone who goes through as many tragedies as Reeves has will also come to learn it’s useless to hold grudges against anyone. Life is complicated, and also highly imperfect in how we sometimes act.

In the world of Hollywood, executives treating actors and actresses as merely a box office figure is also a painful mainstay. No doubt Reeves understands all of this, including the public not going to see his movies merely because some critics considered him overly “wooden” as an actor.

This and appearing in some clunkers like The Day the Earth Stood Still remake and 47 Ronin put him at a place where the big studios stopped hiring him five years ago. Reeves ended up retreating into the world of independent films where he managed to grow as an actor.

At the time this occurred, he analyzed the situation as merely being Hollywood’s usual vagaries.

The world is desperate for heroes, and Reeves fit the bill

What was it that finally made the public finally realize Reeves is genuine? It wasn’t necessarily a massive secret all this time.

Perhaps the world we’re living in now set off this new wave of appreciation. Far too many pop culture figures we once thought were heroes have all been outed as terrible people behind the scenes. Even trust in our president and government has gone out the window.

Hollywood does have some good people around, but not many who have the humbleness of Reeves. In a town where ego can easily careen out of control, he has no discernible ego.

Right now, it’s paying off in spades with Reeves in virtually everything, including possibly the MCU soon. Should this be taken for granted again someday and the public turns, then he’d have every right to show a stored away grudge, unless his public appreciation is maintained on social media.