Why Doesn’t Queen Elizabeth Want Meghan Markle and Prince Harry to Be Too Independent?

Meghan Markle has an independent streak. It’s ingrained in her very being. Becoming a member of the royal family hasn’t even broken it, at least not yet. The internet is always ablaze with Meghan’s decisions ever since she went from being an A-list celeb to a duchess with power to spare.

The former Suits star has been unable to shake all of her old habits, but should we expect her too? Perhaps having a duchess who marches to the beat of her own drum and inspires her husband to do the same could be a good thing for the royal family. That may be why the queen has been pretty lenient with the new addition to the family. Even so, the matriarch has also been doing her best to keep Meghan and Prince Harry’s independent streak in check.

Why do people say Meghan Markle is too independent?

The actress turned duchess has been mixing things up in the Palace ever since she moved in! For one, she is continuously breaking various fashion protocols. She removes her jacket in public, a dated and rather sexist regulation that compared the removal of outerwear to undressing in public. Considering how “silly” the rule is, it’s no surprise that Meghan often opts to break it.

She’s also shown off her bare legs numerous times instead of wearing tights. Another taboo she’s broken is rocking off-the-shoulder looks. While her fashion choices are impeccable, there’s no doubt that her independent streak causes her to put royal rules on the back burner sometimes. The former actress even stepped out less than favorable ripped jeans!

Meghan doesn’t just cross the line when it comes to making up her outfit of the day. Her lavish NYC baby shower was something typically frowned upon. Meghan is keeping in touch with her American traditions, but the last minute rendezvous to NYC for a glitzy baby shower was still quite outlandish to some.

Ultimately the problem is that the public criticizes the Duchess of Sussex at every turn. What might come across as too independent based on British standards isn’t based on American ones. While the royal family has created a space for Meghan to exist in, while honoring both criteria, the public and some royals haven’t.

How have Meghan Markle and Prince Harry shown their independence?

What started as personal attempts to maintain autonomy has grown into large requests by not just Meghan, but her hubby as well! The Duke and Duchess of Sussex asked the queen if they could remove themselves from Kensington Palace. Kensington Palace serves as the base of operations for Prince William and Kate Middleton. Since the two couples often tend to their own business, it makes sense that the houses would split. As such, the queen granted the request.

From there, Meghan and Harry made the move the Buckingham Palace. That seemingly wasn’t enough for them. The pair submitted another request, one that would allow them to be independent of Buckingham Palace. A move that would give the newlyweds space and opportunity to operate entirely under their own merit.

Well, the request was one that was too large, and the queen adamantly denied it. As far as she was concerned, allowing the duke and duchess to remove themselves from Buckingham Palace simply granted them too much freedom.

Why doesn’t the Queen want the Sussex’s to be too independent?

It’s clear that Queen Elizabeth II understands the importance of independence. She’s been able to grant just the right amount for all those underneath her, including the new duchess, for years. But, what is keeping her from giving Meghan and Harry free reign?

In the queen’s eyes, giving them complete independence would mean they could go off and do their own thing whenever they wanted. This simply won’t do as it strays exceptionally far from the royal protocol. As both the duke and the duchess are senior members of the royal court, much of what they do, they do on behalf of the queen. Considering that, it’s no surprise that Queen Elizabeth II wants to keep them under the jurisdiction of Buckingham Palace. This will allow her to keep an eye on them and to ensure that their endeavors line up with ones that fall in line with the royal family as a whole. It will also serve as a means to keep her grandson and his new wife out of trouble!