Why Don’t The Duggar Boys Have Jobs Outside The Family Businesses?

A successful television show, a plethora of speaking engagements, a healthy real estate business, a handful of airplanes, and a car lot or two make up Jim Bob Duggar’s business holdings. The patriarch of the Duggar family has made swift work of ensuring he’ll never have to work for anyone but himself ever again. It looks like he’s pushing the Duggar boys in the same direction. Now that several of the boys in the family are of working age, they’ve joined forces with their father and are entrenched in the family businesses. While there is nothing abnormal about that, many fans are wondering why the family seems to prefer self-employment over more traditional income streams. The answer is rooted in their religion. 

What do the oldest Duggar boys do for a living?

Fans have been critical of the Duggar sons-in-law for failing to find gainful employment. Thus far, the only man to marry into the family to consistently hold a job is Jeremy Vuolo, who married Jinger Duggar in 2016. Vuolo, who was a professional soccer player before moving into ministry, currently supports his family as a pastor. Derick Dillard, who married Jill Duggar, is a law school student and Ben Seewald, who married Jessa Duggar is chronically unemployed. 

While the sons-in-law of the family have received most of the backlash, the Duggar boys’ work history is spotty, too. Joshua Duggar, who had a brief stint in politics, returned home from Washington D.C. disgraced. He is now slinging used cars in a lot owned by his father. 

John-David Duggar, now 29, has a pilot’s license, but he appears to utilize it for carting his family around rather than earning an income. He is also a constable for Washington County in Arkansas; however, the job is allegedly a volunteer position. 

Several of the Duggar boys are going into real estate

Joseph, Josiah and Jason Duggar all seem to have an interest in real estate, and for an excellent reason. Not only did Jim Bob get his start in the real estate game, but he continues to supplement his family’s income with it. Sure, he’s doing less traditional real estate than he did before the television shows and subsequent speaking engagements came along, but he’s still heavily involved in the business. 

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It is assumed that Jason, Josiah, and Jason are all working directly for Jim Bob when dealing in real estate. Jason, who recently turned 19, has already flipped a house for a hefty profit. According to Radar Online, the teenager made over $100,000 in profit on his first home. He allegedly purchased the property when he was just 16, which means he likely didn’t buy it himself. 

Self-employment is considered desirable by the Duggar’s ministry

The women inside the Duggar family are encouraged to remain at hum until they get married and raise children. Unwed women, like Jana Duggar, are expected to hang back and care for their younger siblings until the time is right for them to marry. While the concept is undoubtedly limiting for the girls, the boys, in many ways, don’t get off much easier. 

The Duggar Boys
John Duggar, Josiah Duggar, and Joseph Duggar | Photo by Ida Mae Astute/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

According to The Guardian, college educations are strongly discouraged inside the Institute for Basic Life Principles, the ministry the Duggars belong to. The men are also encouraged to avoid working for secular employees, nor are they trained to take orders from a female, even in an authority position. The guidelines leave the Duggar boys nearly as limited as the girls. 

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Self-employment appears to be the safest track for many of the boys, outside of working directly for the ministry. Since Jim Bob is already in possession of plenty of businesses, it only makes sense that his young sons work for him, at least for the time being. What will happen when the family continues to swell, or more of the young Duggar men age into the workforce remains unknown.