Why Dr. Will Kirby Says the ‘Big Brother 21’ Jury Was the Best Jury He’s Ever Seen

Holly Allen, Jackson Michie, and Nicole Anthony are the final three houseguests of Big Brother 21. Soon fans will find out who will win, which will come down to jury votes.

Dr. Will Kirby is leading the jury roundtable again. Find out why he said this jury was the best jury he’s ever seen.

There was casting backlash this season

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There were a lot of fans who weren’t happy about the casting of Big Brother 21. That’s because multiple houseguests knew each other before the season and this didn’t seem to be a purposeful twist.

Another thing that angered fans was the actions of certain houseguests. Jack Matthews was called out for making racist comments. Fans made a petition to try and get him removed.

Fans were also not happy that Jackson targeted many of the minorities in the house in the first episode when he got to banish people as camp director.

Julie Chen Moonves confronted Jack about his comments when he was evicted. He is now in the jury house with other evicted houseguests.

Who is in the jury this season?

Host Julie Chen Moonves talks to recent evictee Jessica Milagros on 'Big Brother'
Host Julie Chen Moonves talks to recent evictee Jessica Milagros on ‘Big Brother’ Monty Brinton/CBS via Getty Images

The jury members are the people who put in the final votes of who wins this season. So they’re pretty important to the game.

Cliff Hogg III, Kathryn Dunn, Tommy Bracco, Christie Murphy, Analyse Talavera, Jack Mattews, Jessica Milagros, and Nick Maccarone are in the jury. There were a few things that happened in the jury house.

Tommy and Christie revealed to other houseguests that they already knew each other before the show. That’s because Christie dated his aunt for years. Nick and Kathryn seemed to be romantically involved despite him still being in a relationship with former houseguest, Bella Wong.

It’s still a tough call on how the jury will vote. A lot of them were in the Six Shooters Alliance, which later blew up. Many of those members turned on Holly and Jackson.

Dr. Will Kirby said this jury is the best because they’re engaged

Once again Dr. Will Kirby who won season 2 will moderate the jury roundtable for the finale. He said this season’s jury is different from others.

“This jury was by far, BY FAR, the best jury I’ve ever seen!” he told Us Weekly. “And this is my seventh year hosting the jury roundtable discussion.”

He continued, “The main difference is that they were emotionally engaged in the discussion — in the past we’ve always had at least two jurors who were affected. That wasn’t the case with this group.”

Kirby seems to be supportive of the production of this season despite all of the backlash.”Big Brother is a nearly impossible show to cast and produce!” he said.

“There isn’t a single non-scripted television show that’s more challenging. And it takes the best casting and production team in the nation to do it,” he continued.

Fans will have to wait and see if they agree about this season’s jury. They will also find out who wins.