Why Drake Would Never Actually Date Kylie Jenner

Drake is already over Kylie Jenner. Jenner/ Kardashian relationships usually start and end pretty quickly, but this has to be a record. Fresh off of her breakup from rapper Travis Scott, Jenner had been seen hanging out with Drake a few weeks ago and rumors quickly began to swirl that the two were doing more than just flirting. But now, sources have said that Drake no longer wants to date Jenner.

Drake | AARON M. SPRECHER/AFP via Getty Images

Why did Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott break up?

Jenner and Scott broke up in early October, leaving fans of the couple shocked. Most sources chalked the breakup up to the two being in different places in their lives.

“Kylie is young, but she really wants the traditional family life,” a source told Entertainment Tonight. “She has seen her older sisters with big families and multiple kids and she wants the same. She loved being at home with Travis and their daughter, Stormi Webster, more than anything. But right now, their priorities are different.”

“It was hard for him to be coming home every night to be with the family and putting Stormi to bed.” the source continued. “That’s not where he is in his life. It made Kylie insecure and anxious. The last few months, Kylie felt they were drifting and she was never really sure what was going on.”

Drake and Kylie Jenner start hanging out

Drake and Jenner were first seen together at his 33rd birthday party.

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“She spent the most time near Drake and his friends,” a source told Us Weekly of Jenner at the party. “Kylie was rapping to songs and dancing with her friends while she was next to Drake, but they weren’t dancing together. They seemed to have a connection though.”

In the beginning, the two just wanted to keep things casual between them.

“Drake has always had a thing for Kylie and it’s mutual,” a source told the outlet. “They hang out here and there and have been more recently than in the past because Kylie is technically single right now and the two of them live so close to each other.”

Drake doesn’t want a relationship with Kylie Jenner

Unfortunately for Jenner, Drake no longer wants anything romantic with the makeup mogul.

“Drake has definitely moved past any type of romantic feelings towards Kylie and it’s purely platonic between them at this point,” a source told HollywoodLife.

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But Jenner is apparently okay with this new development.

“Drake feels like he’s on good terms with Kylie and he believes they’re on the same page in terms of where things stand between them now,” the source said.

Ultimately, neither one of them wanted to let things between them get messy.

“Drake would never want to upset Kylie or any of the family that he has known forever so that is why he wants to cool down any and all of the romance rumors,” another source told the outlet. “Drake is not going to make anything uncomfortable with Kylie, he’d never want to deal with the repercussions if they would become an item and then break up. He’d rather quit pursuing anything while they are still great friends.”