Why Even Fox Business Hosts Are Laughing at Corey Lewandowski

If you’ve seen anything on Fox Business, you’d probably agree the network has a niche audience. Depending on the night, you might learn about the coup d’etat taking place inside Lou Dobbs’s head or hear the guy who played the gay capo on The Sopranos pitch security systems to Neil Cavuto.

Otherwise, you find the same brand of Trump propaganda as Fox News but with a more financial focus. Still, that’s not to say the network is all stuffy old guys like Dobbs, Cavuto, and Stuart Varney.

To mix things up, Fox Business also employs Maria Bartiromo and (for the MTV generation) the old 120 Minutes and Alternative Nation host, Kennedy. In Kennedy, the network apparently has a real rebel, in that she’s not afraid to laugh in the face of absurdity.

On October 2, Kennedy has the opportunity to do just that — and seized it — by laughing Corey Lewandowski off the air. But not before Kennedy suggested he was as drunk as he was ridiculous.

Kennedy asked Lewandowski if he’d been drinking, saying he sounded ‘slurry.’

Corey Lewandowski, original campaign manager for Donald Trump for President, visits the SiriusXM studios to promote a book in December 2017 | Taylor Hill/Getty Images

Over the past several years, Lewandowski has distinguished himself as someone who will say or do anything to gain influence within the Trump GOP. (He came to prominence as Trump’s original campaign manager.)

While working as a contributor at CNN, he was reportedly subject to a NDA that forbade him from saying anything bad about Trump. So he was basically being paid as a Trump campaign operative, only at CNN. These days, he’s still doing that, though it’s unclear who’s paying him.

But it doesn’t always sound convincing. During his Wednesday appearance on Kennedy, Lewandowski stumbled through some talking points about the Ukraine whistleblower who “hates this president more than they love their country.” Kennedy, unimpressed, asked what he’d been drinking.

“Corey,” Kennedy said, cutting off Lewandowski’s rant. “Corey? Did you have a little merlot with dinner? You sound a little slurry.” As Lewandowski continued on about “people blaming the president … for … this conversation with Zelensky,” Kennedy just grinned.

Then she began making fun of him on the air.

Kennedy had a great comeback for Lewandowski’s ‘they don’t love America’ bit.

Donald Trump’s former campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, testifies before the House Judiciary Committee on September 17, 2019. | Olivier Douliery/AFP/Getty Images

Once Lewandowski went back to the talking point about “people who don’t love this country,” Kennedy again cut him off. “I love this country,” she said, pausing for effect. “I love this country so much that I would like to hug it until it squeaks.”

As the crew working behind the scenes at Kennedy can be heard laughing, you knew Lewandowski’s appearance wouldn’t go on much longer. He tried to return to another talking point, but Kennedy signaled that she wasn’t listening.

When he finished his bit, Kennedy quickly wrapped up the segment. “Thank you, Corey. Great to have you,” she said. “Maybe a cup of coffee,” she added, chirpily.

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