Why Everyone Thinks Beyoncé Is Pregnant With Baby No. 4

Another day and another Beyoncé pregnancy rumor is swirling, but this time her fans believe they have all the evidence they need that proves Bey and Jay are having another baby. 

The speculation that had the Beyhive buzzing about their queen and her husband, JAY-Z, possibly expecting their fourth child together began after a video circulated on Twitter of Beyoncé’s performance in Rome on Sunday, July 8.

In the clip, social media users pointed out that the “Halo” singer appeared to have a baby bump. And, at the end of her song, she rubbed her stomach and smiled at the crowd. You may recall that’s the same way she announced her first pregnancy to the world in 2011 at the MTV Video Music Awards.

Beyoncé Knowles

Beyoncé Knowles | Kevin Winter/Getty Images

In the video, you can hear the crowd go wild too so of course, the internet lit up with one publication even reporting that Bey’s alleged pregnancy has been confirmed. Gossip Cop has since called that site’s claim “untrue.” However, there are still a few other signs that have fans believing that she really could have another bun in the oven.

Many of her devoted fans debated the topic and brought up the fact that the couple loves the number 4. They were each born on the fourth day of the month. Beyoncé was born on Sept. 4, and Jay on Dec. 4. In addition, they got married on April 4 and even included the numeral for the number in their oldest daughter Blue Ivy’s name. Moreover, Bey has an album titled 4, and the rapper has one titled 4:44.

That information was almost enough to further convince everyone that they are going to have four kids and since we already know they’re parents to Blue, and the twins, Rumi and Sir, we can all do the math.

Members of the Beyhive are now on high alert and going through every recent photo of the “Crazy in Love” artist especially the ones she’s been sharing on Instagram. One post clearly shows a beer bottle on the ground next to her but her followers noted that it could be Jay’s.

The one thing that may definitely rule out her being pregnant though is that on July 9, it was announced that she and JAY-Z will be headlining the Global Citizen Festival which takes place Dec. 2 in Johannesburg, South Africa. If Queen Bey really was pregnant now, she’d be pretty far along at that point and it wouldn’t be likely that she would fly to the country. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that women who are pregnant should not travel to South Africa because of the risk of Malaria.

“Malaria can be more severe in pregnant women. If you are pregnant, you should not travel to risk areas. If you must travel, talk to your doctor about taking medicine to prevent malaria,” the CDC’s website states.

So, while some fans will still look for hidden messages about a fourth Carter baby, we’re just going to have to wait for the power couple to confirm themselves if there is any truth to these latest rumors.