Why Exactly Did Justin Bieber Challenge Tom Cruise to a UFC Fight?

No one is exactly sure if Justin Bieber was just feeling bored on Sunday or if he has some serious beef with Tom Cruise, but either way, he has challenged him to a UFC fight. The 26-year-old recently married pop star took to Twitter to let the world know he wants to throw down with the 56-year-old couch-jumping movie star.  The collective internet is confused.

Bieber’s challenge came out of the clear blue sky

The Biebs and Tom Cruise don’t have a history of feuding. In fact, the two stars have rarely crossed paths. It makes sense that they wouldn’t run in the same circles. Cruise made his name in Hollywood before Bieber was even born and had amassed countless film credits by the time Bieber was discovered on YouTube. Now 56, Cruise has been keeping a relatively low profile.

The challenge was so out of the blue that even celebrities have chimed in on the odd Tweet. Mario Lopez responded, asking why The Biebs wants to put hands on Tom Cruise. He also went on to correct his grammar.

Non-famous Twitter users have jumped in with their questions, concerns, and projections, too. One user has officially challenged Justin to a thumb-wrestling contest, and another projected that Cruise would absolutely win the UFC bout. After all, he does do all his own stunts.

Conor McGregor thinks the battle is a great idea

Resident UFC bad boy, Conor McGregor seems pretty excited about the prospect of a star-studded octagon battle. The mixed martial arts expert offered to host the bout if Cruise was willing to accept. Where and when the fight would take place, however, is unknown.

McGregor couldn’t let Bieber be the only one challenging individuals to UFC matches for no discernible reason. He went on to call out Mark Wahlberg and invite him into the ring, according to The Independent. Wahlberg has not responded to the request.

Fans are equally confused by McGregor’s desire to lay hands on Mark Wahlberg. There is no known feud between them either, but that doesn’t appear to be a necessary element to a UFC challenge; at least McGregor and Bieber don’t think so.

Tom Cruise has yet to respond to the challenge

Tom Tom, for his part, hasn’t responded to the request to get in the ring just yet, but one Twitter user was super fascinated by how the conversation between Tom Cruise and his agent would go. The user noted that, at some point, Cruise’s agent was going to have to call him up and let him know what was happening on Twitter. It’s probably a conversation that no one in the world could ever see coming.

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Whether he’ll respond publicly or not isn’t know, but we have a feeling that he probably just let the request go. After all, the multi-millionaire is perhaps too busy to keep tabs on the ramblings of a 20-something pop star.