Why Fans Are Shocked by ‘Teen Mom’ Star Farrah Abraham’s Latest Plastic Surgery

We remember how Farrah Abraham first got her start as a teenager on MTV as a pregnant teen in the hit series, 16 and Pregnant. Once she had her daughter, Sophia, Farrah then starred in Teen Mom OG — and that’s when stardom really struck. While she’s no longer affiliated with the show now thanks to her notoriously difficult attitude and drama on set, she’s done quite well for herself with her other business ventures and reality TV appearances. She’s doing so well, in fact, that she heads to get plastic surgery done with fair frequency so she can stay young and fresh-faced for as long as possible.

It seems Farrah recently went in to get more work done, too. Here’s what the star had done and why it’s making fans uncomfortable.

Farrah got work done after a trip to the Maldives with her daughter

Farrah Abraham in the Maldives with her daughter
Farrah Abraham in the Maldives with her daughter | Farrah Abraham via Instagram

There’s no doubt that Farrah knows how to draw an audience — and her recent trip to the Maldives with her daughter, Sophia, definitely turned heads. While the Teen Mom star was all set to participate in a celebrity boxing match against Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander (who became famous from VH1’s Flavor of Love), Farrah dropped out at the last second for a multitude of reasons. So, instead of heading into the ring, she headed to the beach for a last-minute vacation.

It seems she needed a quick getaway after the severe backlash she received from pulling out of the event. And, according to her Instagram, her stay in the Maldives certainly looked luxurious. While the vacation looked like the perfect opportunity for mother-daughter time, her video following her trip showed her getting some work done.

She posted photo evidence of the procedures to her Instagram

Farrah Abraham getting work done
Farrah Abraham getting work done | Farrah Abraham via Instagram

Farrah didn’t head under the knife right after her trip, but she certainly took care of any slight sign of wrinkles, aging, or sunburn from her time spent in the sun. Her Instagram post shows her visiting “master injector” Heather Rohrer in Las Vegas, Nevada, for treatment.

In Touch Weekly notes the treatments included laser hair removal for her underarms, Botox injections in her forehead, cheek fillers, and skin treatments to help the sunburn that she got while lying in the Maldives sun. She also received Volbella for her fine lines and wrinkles around her mouth. This is far from the first time Farrah has gone in for treatments in 2018, too. In Touch Weekly reports back in May, Farrah brought in film crews while she “tightened” and “rejuvenated” her nether regions.

Why fans are unimpressed

Farrah Abraham and Sophia in the ocean
Farrah Abraham and Sophia in the ocean | Farrah Abraham via Instagram

When it comes to plastic surgery, Farrah likes to be as transparent as possible. She’s gotten work done on her nose, chin, and breasts over the years, In Touch Weekly notes, so a few injections here and there are a walk in the park for this star. But fans aren’t happy that Farrah’s celebrating her love of plastic surgery online. In many cases, they feel as if she’s not putting her best foot forward for her daughter.

As one Instagram user commented on Farrah’s latest post, “That Sophia records and has to be subjected to see her mother do these things!! Ugh She’s the worst!!” And another user added,”You should be embarrassed by the way you look.” And many have criticized Farrah’s parenting choices in the past, too, as 9-year-old Sophia has her own social media accounts and seemingly acts just like a mini-me of her mom. Instead of playing with friends or attending school with kids her own age, she’s often seen right by Farrah’s side vacationing. And while Farrah doesn’t endorse plastic surgery for her child, she does allow Sophia to wear makeup and party with adults.

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