Why Fans Are Slamming Kate Gosselin After Her Return to Instagram

Back when Jon & Kate Plus 8 was still a new program on TV, fans quickly began following Jon and Kate Gosselin. From their down-to-earth personalities, their compelling marriage, and their story of how they came to have a pair of twins and sextuplets, viewers were immediately locked in to their story. And it wasn’t long before their marriage began falling apart, resulting in public legal and custody battles that viewers also couldn’t help but watch.

It’s been a decade since Jon and Kate divorced, but they’re still making waves with the media. And most recently, it appears Kate has made a return to social media. Here’s why she’s getting criticized.

Kate was slammed after posting photos of her kids’ science fair projects

Fans have been wondering what Kate has been up to as of late — and it appears she’s busily helping her children live out their normal, everyday lives. While we know the celebrity mom best for her stints on reality TV, she’s been laying low for quite some time. Not only has she stayed out of the spotlight on television, but her social media activity has been noticeably less as well.

On Jan. 24, her followers did notice she finally posted a photo to her Instagram — and it was of her children’s science fair projects. “Just buried in Science Fair projects over here… this time of year is truly a joy for all of us!” she captioned the photo. While some of her fans were happy to see her back, not everyone was so quick to provide nice remarks. In Touch Weekly notes one follower commented, “Grow up. Any parent who has gone through Science Fair has said far worse.” And another began talking about her son, Collin, stating, “The Colin thing is just rotten. He was conveniently sent away because he had a mind of his own. I’ve never heard of 1 other Mom that dealt with their child this way. And the guilt of her doing this will eventually tear her apart.”

Fans hadn’t heard from her since November

Before the post about the science projects, Kate’s followers hadn’t heard from her since Nov. 25 on Instagram. And many suspect she was choosing to lay low after not showing up for Collin in court.

E! News reminds us Kate put Collin in a school for “special needs” in 2016 due to behavioral issues, and she’s talked at length about how difficult Collin was for her in the past. Toward the end of 2018, however, Jon made it clear he was going for custody of Collin — and when his court date rolled around to fight, Kate never showed up. Now, Collin and his sister, Hannah, both live with Jon full-time. As the happy father of eight said, “We won in court. That’s like a big win. It’s nice when you win in court, especially when you go so many times like I do.”

While many fans were happy for Jon, others wondered why Kate never showed up to fight for custody of her son. And we still wonder what the mother-son relationship is like now.

Why is she back on social media now?

So, why is Kate choosing to make her return to social media after such a long silence? Aside from laying low from the media after the Collin court date, others suspect she’s just been busy being a mother and making that her No. 1 priority. And others on her Instagram account are asking if this could be a clue that a new TV show for her is on the horizon.

Many fans recall when Kate spoke about an upcoming dating show of hers titled Kate Plus Date. Back in April 2018, Kate discussed the show with People, and she shared her excitement for the possibility of finding love on television. “I’m nervous, I’m excited, and I’m forcing myself to do this,” she said. And while the show was allegedly supposed to premiere last fall, that never happened. Now, fans are wondering if Kate’s Instagram return is any inclination that the show might actually still be on. We’ll have to wait and see.

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