Why Fans Began Shipping MCU Stars Chris Evans and Elizabeth Olsen in the First Place

Though Elizabeth Olsen is now reportedly engaged to Robbie Arnett — frontman for the cinematic indie-pop band Milo Greene — following a three-year relationship, fans have always shipped the MCU actress and Hollywood’s most eligible bachelor, Chris Evans

MCU stars Chris Evans and Elizabeth Olsen
MCU stars Chris Evans and Elizabeth Olsen | Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney

Paparazzi, gossip magazines, and fans alike rarely need to witness more than a hint of affection between co-stars before they begin arguing that a behind-the-scenes romance is afoot.

It should come as no surprise that following Civil War, many began to question if Chris Evans and Elizabeth Olsen – two young, beautiful, intelligent and talented celebrities — were ever going to wind up under the covers together. Though it doesn’t take much to start the rumor mill, fans began shipping these two, in hardcore fashion, following two specific incidents.

1. Chris Evans got caught peeking at Elizabeth Olsen’s cleavage

Back in 2016, when the cast of Civil War was out and about showing up to premieres and promoting the latest Avengers installment, one photographer managed to snag quite a photo of the entire cast; however, if you zoom in on Chris Evans below, you can see that he is evidently staring at Elizabeth Olsen’s boobs. 

Civil War: Chris Evans stares at Elizabeth Olsen
(L-R) Jeremy Renner, Paul Bettany, Elizabeth Olsen, Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr, Emily VanCamp, Daniel Bruhl and Paul Rudd attend the European Premiere of ‘Captain America: Civil War’ | Photo by David M. Benett/Dave Benett/WireImage

This picture caught the attention of fans and entertainment magazines alike and, before you knew it, every entertainment-oriented publication had written an article about Chris Evans’ infamous downard glance. To make matters worse, Chris Evans’ facial expression didn’t do him any justice, as he seems both surprised and pleased.

While looking at someone is no reason to assume two people should begin dating, or are involved in any sort of romantic relationship, rumors started to spread following the release of this photograph. However, this was only one of the major influences that led fans to ship the two. Let’s just say, the shipping reached a whole new level when a famous talk show host decided to discuss the matter.

2. MCU stars Evans and Olsen visited Ellen DeGeneres, and she seemed to support the idea

When Civil War came out, Chris Evans and Elizabeth Olsen visited Ellen DeGeneres to discuss the movie, and DeGeneres immediately brought up the rumor, stating “Hey, you two are supposed to be dating. Are you?” Chris Evans and Elizabeth Olsen admitted to being aware of the rumors, as Olsen went on to joke that they apparently had been dating “secretly for the last three years.”

Chris Evans joked that he and Olsen kept their engagement so secret that they “didn’t even tell each other.” While both stars denied the rumors by making light of the moment, Ellen went on to say, “you seem compatible.” Elizabeth Olsen replied, “so maybe we should?” DeGeneres ended the back and forth, noting that maybe the two should think about it, as opposed to “poo-pooing” it. 

While both co-stars may not have been dating, hearing Ellen DeGeneres’ support for the ship made fans feel like they were pushing for a relationship destined for success. Ellen explained that maybe somebody saw something the two didn’t, and the rumors caught flame once again.