Why Fans Can’t Seem To Wrap Their Heads Around Jordan Peele’s New Movie

For those of you who were brave enough to sit through the entirety of Jordan Peele’s brand new thriller, Us, you’re probably still trying to figure out what in the world you just witnessed.

The film was just released in theaters and so far, everyone who’s seen it still has a few pieces they’re trying to put together.

Jordan Peele
NEW YORK, NEW YORK – MARCH 19: Director Jordan Peele attends the “Us” New York Premiere at Museum of Modern Art on March 19, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Roy Rochlin/FilmMagic)

Not only was the movie terrifying, but it left fans with questions that need answers asap.

The film’s hidden meanings got the best of everyone

Without spoiling anything for those who haven’t had a chance to see Us, just know that the premise of the film is nothing else but twisted.

So basically, while a family of four are enjoying a vacation at their Northern California beach house, they soon begin to be terrorized by their evil dopplegangers.

The family eventually realizes that everyone around them has an evil doppelganger and these look-alikes will not stop until they take over the nation’s population.

Though the movie was something we’re still trying to figure out, the hidden messages that some people already figured out have left them speechless.

It has been revealed that Us plays on the tagline, “We are our own worst enemy.” 

In the film, Jordan Peele wanted to showcase that we are in fact are our own worst enemies and we can’t escape the demons that are within ourselves.

He also draws inspiration for Us from that the state our country is currently in.

Peele even confirmed during an interview with Yahoo at the film’s Los Angeles press day that the word “Us” has a double meaning.

“There’s a double meaning to everything,” Peele says. “Yeah, I mean this movie is about duality and there’s no choice that i’m not trying to layer. The state of this country inspired me. We’re a country that is afraid of the outsider. Whether it’s within our borders or outside of our borders. I think when we fail to point our finger inward, we’re capable of really messing up in big ways.”

Jordan Peele’s goal with Us was not to just scare viewers, his goal was to leave audiences thinking and using their imaginations to figure out all of the hidden messages he places throughout the film.

Fan reactions have been amazing

Since the film’s release on March 22, fans have been expressing their thoughts on the film.

Many fans have been sharing their own theories that turned out to be true while a majority of viewers who recently saw Us are still having a hard time explaining what they just saw.

Us has already grossed millions of dollars in box office sales and is on track to becoming the biggest opening ever for an original horror movie.

It has been said that Us will most likely surpass Jordan Peele’s first film Get Out in just its opening weekend and is already being looked at as the director’s absolute best work to date.