Why Fans Keep Slamming Jill Duggar’s Birthday Celebration for Her Son, Israel

We’ve been watching the Duggar family for years, and Jill Duggar continues to be a fan favorite. From her controversial recipes she shares on her blog to her husband, Derick Dillard, who fans love to hate, the mom of two has certainly garnered massive attention over the years. And while many suspected she may see a drop in her followers after Derick had them removed from Counting On due to his hateful Twitter activity, it seems her fan base continues to grow on social media.

Recently, the Duggars celebrated her son, Israel, turning 4. And while some fans showed their support via Instagram, others were quick to criticize. Here’s why some had a lot of questions — and negative comments — surrounding Israel’s birthday party.

Fans first questioned why Derick was a no-show for the party

Out of all the Duggar family members to comment on Israel’s birthday, it seems Anna, Josh Duggar’s wife, was the one to share the details of the big day with her followers. She posted photos of Israel’s party to Instagram with the caption, “Happy Birthday to my super awesome nephew, Israel! We had a great time celebrating your birthday yesterday. Hope you have a SUPER AWESOME birthday weekend — we love you so much Israel!”

The photos depicted Israel playing with other kids, and Jill, Jana, Michelle, and many of the other Duggar children were also in attendance. Fans immediately noticed that Derick wasn’t there, however — and it certainly raised a few red flags. As one Instagram user questioned, “Where’s Derick?? Or was it just an all kid party??” To that, Anna replied, “Mommas and kids party!” though it brought back memories of all the other times Derick wasn’t in attendance for Duggar celebrations. It seems odd that Derick would miss out on his son’s birthday celebration, but alas, Jill commented nicely on the post with,”he has had a blast! Thanks so much!!”

Another fan criticized one of the gifts Israel received

It wasn’t just Derick’s lack of attendance that raised eyebrows, either. One of the photos shared by Anna shows Israel with a new Razor scooter given to him by Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar. And while there are plenty of smiles in the photo, one fan was quick to criticize the gift. “Too bad he’s only 4 and the scooter is for ages 5 and up. Not an appropriate gift,” one Instagram user commented on Anna’s photo set. In Touch Weekly reports Jessa was quick to defend the gift, though. “Lol! That’s an average age. Some kids are advanced,” she commented back.

The back and forth about the scooter didn’t end there, however. The original Instagram commenter added, “@jessaseewald my daughter is advanced still wouldn’t get her something like that out of her age. There are ages for safety reasons regardless of advancement.” While Jessa seemingly stopped replying after the initial post, others were quick to defend the scooter. “Go find something else to complain about and not what people get their kids for their birthday,” another user said.

A fan took to Jill’s Instagram to criticize her photo of Israel, too

It wasn’t just Anna who was getting a ton of Instagram activity after her post. Jill also posted an adorable photo of her son, and a fan commented on how Jill dressed her son. They wrote, “Maybe you could buy him some new pants for his bday!” due to Israel’s jeans that are ripped at the knees. Thankfully, some came to Jill’s defense — and many others wished Israel a happy birthday without writing anything rude on the photo at all. Even Jim Bob, Michelle, and Derick all added their happy birthday wishes to the photo.

Jill’s been criticized for her parenting in the past, and there’s no doubt she’ll come under fire again in the future. Hopefully she continues sharing her big life events with her fans despite all the critique, too.

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