Why Fans of Farrah Abraham Are Now Accusing Her of Being an ‘Abusive’ Parent

Since her early days on 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom to her current stint on other reality TV shows, Farrah Abraham has proven to be one of the most polarizing figures in reality TV. We know her best for her long-standing career on MTV — and though she’s no longer a part of the Teen Mom franchise, she still dabbles in other productions by the network, like Ex on the BeachIf there’s one thing for sure, it’s that no matter how many haters Farrah gets, all publicity is good publicity for the star.

Recently, Farrah found herself being scrutinized by the public yet again — and this time, it’s for something she posted of her 9-year-old daughter, Sophia. Here’s what happened.

Farrah posted a video of Sophia that many of her followers deemed inappropriate

Aside from her reality TV appearances, Farrah is known for having a strong social media presence. From her Instagram to her Snapchat, fans can get an inside glimpse (or at least a curated one in accordance with what Farrah chooses to show) of what a day in the life of the star is like. From trips around the globe to fun events, Farrah’s never shy about sharing what she and Sophia are up to.

TMZ reports Farrah got into hot water with her fans after posting a video of Sophia in just a top and underwear, however. The video posted to Snapchat was taken at a Nordstrom in New York City. Fans were quick to lash out, calling her “abusive” and accusing her of “marketing” her daughter “to child predators.” To that, Farrah hit back saying the video was shot in a public area and the content was no different than anything kids would be modeling for Calvin Klein. “I know my daughter and I are living our best lives wearing Calvin Kleins,” she told TMZ.

Farrah’s parenting has been called into question many times in the past

Farrah’s most likely used to backlash over her parenting by now, as fans have accused her of being a bad mother ever since Sophia was a baby. CafeMom reminds us Farrah has always treated Sophia like an adult, for better or for worse. Not only has she put the child in charge of businesses (with Farrah actually overseeing them), but she also travels the world with her daughter and allows her to attend events and parties for adults when many fans think Sophia should really be around kids her own age.

Even when Sophia was just 4 years old, CafeMom reminds us Farrah said Sophia needed to start learning how to have her own life. “It’s healthy that we have a break. Sophia has her own life and is doing her own thing, and I’m doing mine,” she said. There are plenty of fans who would agree that helicopter parenting is not the way to go, but treating her daughter more like a friend than a toddler made fans really worry for Sophia’s upbringing.

Sophia has her own social media, too

Plenty of parents would agree that their child shouldn’t have any social media accounts until they’re old enough to understand how to use them responsibly, but Farrah allowed Sophia to have her own accounts at an extremely young age. Not only did she receive public backlash for this choice, but Radar Online reports after Sophia was caught chatting to strangers on Snapchat, her account was deleted. Snapchat requires all users be above the age of 13, so Sophia and Farrah were breaking the rules by allowing the child to have her own account.

Sophia’s Instagram is still completely, active, however, as is her Twitter. And while Farrah maintains that she’s actually the manager of all of Sophia’s accounts, it’s still concerning to many fans that the little girl is exposed to the online world at such a young age.

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