Why Fans of ‘The Bachelor’ Don’t Think Colton Underwood Will Pick Cassie at the End

It’s getting down to the wire on The Bachelor, and Colton Underwood has had to make some huge decisions in preparation for hometown visits. Fans have known Colton for being vulnerable, emotional, and sincere when it comes to finding the right woman — and there’s one contestant in particular that he seems to really be into. Cassie Randolph, the soft-spoken speech pathologist, has captured Colton’s heart since the beginning, and he’s stated more than once that he’s falling in love with the beautiful blonde. If he continues on his current path, it seems he might even pick her to propose to at the end.

Fans aren’t so sure Colton will pick Cassie at the end, however. Loyal Bachelor viewers sense something’s amiss between the two lovebirds, and they suspect he’ll choose one of the other amazing girls instead. Here’s why.

The other girls have accused Cassie of not being ready for engagement

Cassie Randolph and Colton Underwood on "The Bachelor"
Cassie Randolph and Colton Underwood on The Bachelor | Rick Rowell/ABC via Getty Images

Cassie has been given a good edit this season, as she’s stayed out of drama until just recently. While she appears pleasant on camera and seems sincere when she’s with Colton, rumors swirled during Tayshia’s one-on-one date that Cassie may not be on the show for the right reasons. Entertainment Weekly recounts that Tayshia mentioned Cassie (along with Caelynn) was talking about becoming the next Bachelorette and also not being ready for engagement at the end.

Tayshia wasn’t the only one to spill the tea, either. Kirpa also mentioned on the group date that she didn’t think Cassie was ready for engagement, which also threw Colton for a loop. Cassie defended herself and eventually received the final rose while Kirpa was the one sent home, but even so, Colton is certainly still stewing over what the previous girls have said to him. Kirpa, Katie, Demi, Hannah, and others who have left the house have all mentioned that there could be someone remaining who’s not ready for engagement at the end, which is allegedly Colton’s biggest fear.

She seems to like reality TV, leading many to believe she could be the next Bachelorette

The Bachelor isn’t Cassie’s first go-round with reality television. Some may know her from Young Once, a series that follows a group of ultra-religious college students from Biola University in California. Vulture reminds us on the show, Cassie’s story revolved around her relationship with her boyfriend, Caelin. The two obviously broke up, but it seems there wasn’t too much time between her last relationship and her current one with Colton. So, does she really want to be with Colton, or is she just making her rounds on TV for fame and fortune? We can’t say for sure, but her last stint on camera may be enough to sway Colton into another woman’s arms.

Something else fans have considered is that Cassie seemed to leave the show on a high note. She’s posted positive things about the show on her Instagram. This could mean she was chosen in the end — but it could also mean she’s gearing up for her very own season. Not only that, but Bustle notes her good edit and relatable personality are the perfect combination for her to be the next Bachelorette if Colton gives her the boot.

One Bachelor in Paradise star says he doesn’t trust Cassie, either

Colton Underwood talks to Cassie Randolph on "The Bachelor"
Colton Underwood talks to Cassie Randolph on The Bachelor | Rick Rowell via Getty Images

It seems the other ladies on the show aren’t the only ones who are over Cassie. Jordan Kimball, a co-star of Colton’s on Bachelor in Paradise, gave his thoughts on Cassie — and they weren’t positive. Entertainment Tonight notes he said he’s getting annoyed with Cassie, and he trusts what the other girls are saying about her. “The contestant that frustrates me the most is absolutely Cassie. Absolutely!” Jordan said. “She’s just kind of there. But she’s getting called out on, so there’s something that we’re not seeing.”

Jordan also added that while Cassie and Caelynn were defending themselves against the onslaught of drama, they weren’t convincing enough for him to believe it. “There’s something about Cassie and Caelynn’s arguments when they’re talking to these girls… If you’re going to defend yourself, you need to do it with conviction. I don’t see any conviction with Caelynn or Cassie,” he said.

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