Why Fans Think Farrah Abraham From ‘Teen Mom’ Should Take Down Her Daughter’s Instagram

She may have been fired from MTVbut fans of the series will never forget Farrah Abraham. Though she made her debut on 16 and Pregnant, Teen Mom chronicled her life with her young daughter as well as her business ventures and family drama. And from her over-the-top persona to her polarizing personality, fans were always divided on how she was choosing to raise her daughter.

Nowadays, fans can still keep up with Farrah on social media — and they can also follow her 9-year-old daughter, Sophia.
The fact that a child has such an active presence is worrying to many, however. And many fans think Sophia shouldn’t have her own accounts at all.

Farrah said she’s the one who manages Sophia’s social media presence

Farrah Abraham and Sophia
Farrah Abraham and Sophia | Farrah Abraham via Instagram

When it comes to social media, Farrah definitely isn’t scared of showing off her body and getting candid with her followers. But when Sophia also began to have a strong online presence, fans were concerned for the little girl’s safety. To negate any of the negativity she and Sophia were receiving, Farrah has said multiple times that all her daughter’s accounts are managed by her. But even so, followers have shown concern over a variety of posts that have come from Sophia’s account over the years.

For example, The Hollywood Gossip notes there was a time when Farrah used Sophia’s Twitter account to promote a pornographic video Farrah was in. And there have also been some barely-clothed photos of Farrah posted to Sophia’s Instagram with inappropriate captions. While other posts from Sophia are often just about toys, Farrah’s children’s boutique, or other kid-friendly content, onlookers couldn’t ignore some of Farrah’s influence.

Sophia had a Snapchat account — but it was deactivated

Farrah and Sophia Abraham
Farrah and Sophia Abraham | SophiaLAbraham via Instagram

While Sophia’s Instagram and Twitter activity is up for debate now, not long ago, her Snapchat was also cause for concern. Radar Online reports when Sophia was just 7, she was posting videos on the app asking strangers to send her messages. This prompted some of her followers to report her activity.

As one follower, Laura, told the publication, “I reported Sophia Abraham’s Snapchat account because she was asking for random texts from random people and she’s 7 years old. Snap is for 13+, and her behavior on her account is concerningOpens a New Window. because of all of the perverts out there.” Other followers also reported Sophia for the same reason, and her account was then shut down.

As for what Farrah had to say about the incident, she seemed unconcerned. She told Radar that she’s always right with her daughter when she’s sending messages. “Seven-year-olds are lighthearted when it comes to Snapchat. If she wants messages and she’s hyper then good for her before bed time,” she said.

Farrah’s mother has concerns over Sophia’s Instagram activity

Farrah Abraham with her mother, Debra
Farrah Abraham with her mother, Debra | Debra Danielsen via Instagram

It’s not just fans who are worried about Sophia’s online activity. Debra Danielsen, Farrah’s mother, has also shared her own concerns. Though she admitted in August that her and Farrah’s relationship is rocky at best, In Touch Weekly reports she also said it was “hurtful to see my Sophia around some influences that I don’t particularly feel are age appropriate.” Debra also added, “Why in the heck are people — and grown men — making ANY kind of inappropriate comment to my granddaughter on social media?”

All in all, though, Debra’s always there to defend her daughter — no matter how much she wishes Sophia was off of social media. She’s called Farrah a “positive role model for Sophia because she’s hard-working” in the past. “She’s very good at getting the word out, having charisma, and expressing her emotions,” Debra’s said of her daughter. It’s clear from the backlash online that not all fans are on the same page as Farrah, however.

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