Why Fans Think It’s Suspicious That Wendy Williams Was Criticizing Kanye West

Wendy Williams has built a career out of discussing celebrities and their personal lives in very negative ways. As such, it is often not surprising at all when Williams criticizes someone on her TV show. However, she recently had some harsh words to say about Kanye West, but this time, it seemed very suspicious to a lot of fans. One fan theory about the incident had Reddit users speculating that Williams is now involved in a much bigger Kardashian-Jenner conspiracy with a heartbreaking endgame.

Wendy Williams slammed Kanye West’s newfound spirituality

TV talk show host Wendy Williams laughing while at an event
Wendy Williams | FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP via Getty Images

In the past year, West has been open about his love for God. Although he was raised a Christian, West revealed that he only just recently became a devoted follower, and has been doing everything in his power to let everyone know about his spirituality. He started a series of Sunday Services and even released a Christian album.

Williams discussed West’s appearance at Joel Osteen’s church on an episode of The Wendy Williams Show in November. She was a bit skeptical about whether he really was pursuing a Christian path in his career or not.

“I appreciate Kanye’s effort to change or grow or what he’s doing,” Williams said, “but … Kanye said he is the greatest artist God ever created. See, this is where things hit the skids. Why’d you have to say that?”

Williams also went on to say that, whether this is a phase or not, West will have to stick with it for the rest of his life. “Playing with the Lord is not a phase,” the TV host said. “He can’t rap and sing about hoes anymore … You gotta commit to this for the rest of your life.”

She also criticized West for not allowing his daughter North to wear makeup, but allowing her to wear a nose ring.

Wendy Williams did not criticize the Kardashian-Jenner sisters

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While Williams did not hold back on her comments about West, she was a lot nicer to his wife, Kim Kardashian West. On the same episode, Williams praised Kardashian for her work with prison reform, saying that Kardashian was “in her right state of mind” and “doing something for the [greater] good.”

Williams also reported positively on the news of Kylie Jenner selling a 51% stake in her company, calling the 22-year-old “smart” and congratulating her on the “good deal.” Williams even mentioned momager Kris Jenner at the end of the segment, saying, “Good job, Kris. Good job with that one.”

Wendy Williams became friends with Kris Jenner several months ago

Things did not used to be this friendly between Williams and the Kardashian-Jenner clan. She actually used to be known for her scathing reports about the family, criticizing the members for being attention seekers among other things.

However, something changed this past summer. After Williams took a break from her show, she came back on vacation and had much nicer things to say about the Kardashian-Jenners. Williams and Kris Jenner were seen together a few times, and many fans believe that the two of them had become friends, which is why Williams has been less critical of Jenner’s family.

Fans think that Kris Jenner is behind Wendy Williams’ criticism of Kanye West

Since Williams no longer bashes Jenner and her family, it would make sense if she also did not say negative things about West. However, since Williams had such harsh things to say about West, many fans believe that something suspicious is going on.

A person on Reddit theorizes that West and Kardashian are on the verge of divorcing, so Jenner has been urging Williams to criticize West. The Reddit user speculated that it seems as if Jenner is “preparing people and the public opinion on him before a break up.”

Other fans believe that this theory is rather sound since West and Kardashian look like they have been growing apart a lot these days. Ultimately, it is still too soon to tell what will happen to West and Kardashian West’s marriage. This is something everyone will just have to keep tabs on for now.