Here’s Why Fans Think John and Abbie Duggar Will Have a Baby Soon

When it comes to the Duggar family, there is never a dull moment. With 19 children, it seems like every year there’s a new courtship, new wedding, or new baby. And now, fans think John David Duggar and his new wife, Abbie Burnett, may be announcing a pregnancy soon.

John Abbie Duggar
Fans think John and Abbie Duggar are getting ready to start a family. | John and Abbie Duggar via Instagram |

John David Duggar married Abbie Grace Burnett after courting for less than a month

The Duggars aren’t known for having long courtships, but Duggar and Burnett’s courtship has been the quickest of them all. The couple only began courting a week after they met, and one month later, they were planning a wedding. Duggar proposed to Burnett in front of an airplane hangar. The couple planned a wedding fairly quickly (the Duggars also don’t have very long engagements), and by November 2018, they were married. Things moved fast for the two, but Duggar said he trusted Christ to lead him down the right path, which brought him to Burnett.

The couple took a private ‘mini-moon’ right after the wedding

Although the Duggars don’t always do things the same way as others, they do enjoy taking honeymoons. But when Duggar and Burnett tied the knot, they decided to go on a private “mini-moon” and hold off on a bigger trip for a while. They took a short warm-weather trip just after the wedding, which they kept very private. The big trip took a while to plan and didn’t happen until a few months later.

The two recently revealed they just took their real honeymoon to Finland

Although they spent the first few days after their wedding in a warm place, the couple wanted to visit a winter-wonderland kind of spot for their official honeymoon. The couple traveled to Finland to celebrate their marriage once again, and they did plenty of wintery things while they were there. They posted photos of the two of them flying in a helicopter, snowboarding, and just enjoying each other’s company in the chilly weather. Burnett planted a loving kiss on Duggar’s cheek in one Instagram photo, and the two looked like their official honeymoon turned out to be everything they’d hoped.

The Finland trip has prompted fans to wonder if they’re getting ready to settle down and start a family

Now that the couple has taken a big trip a few months after their marriage, fans can’t help but wonder if it could be because they’re getting ready to start a family. The Duggars tend to announce pregnancies fairly soon after they marry, so it’s possible Duggar and Burnett wanted to get their big trip in before Burnett gets pregnant. “When’s the baby due,” one user commented on the couple’s Instagram photo. Typically, people don’t announce a pregnancy until they’re into their second trimester. This means that if Duggar and Burnett are getting ready to start a family, it will be a while before fans find out. For now, it looks like they’re enjoying the beginnings of a lasting marriage before they welcome kids into the picture.

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