Why Fans Think ‘Little People, Big World’ Star Matt Roloff Is Going to Be Engaged Soon

There are plenty of famous reality TV families we all know and love, and the Roloffs are certainly one of them. It all began in 2006 when Little People, Big World first aired. We were introduced to Matt and Amy Roloff, a married couple with dwarfism who showed viewers how they navigate life while owning a farm and raising four children. Now, over a decade later, family dynamics have certainly changed, and the Roloff kids are growing up fast. Molly, Jeremy, and Zach are all married, and the youngest child, Jacob, is also engaged.

Matt and Amy’s life has altered dramatically over the years as well. They’re no longer married and they both have significant others of their own. Fans seem to suspect Matt and his girlfriend are also on the fast track to marriage, too. Here’s why.

Matt met his girlfriend, Caryn, through Roloff farms

Matt and girlfriend Caryn Chandler seem like the perfect match — and they even met through his family farm. Good Housekeeping reports the two of them actually worked together for years before pursuing a romance, which also means Amy knew Caryn quite well. As Matt said during an episode of the show, “Caryn is instrumental in running pumpkin season, she’s run it for 10 years. … There was awkwardness a little bit, but we’re all kind of finding our way.”

Matt and Caryn’s romance seems totally natural, too, and she reportedly gets along quite well with the entire family. As Zach said on an episode of the series, “Caryn and my dad seem really happy together, and no matter what, I want to see both of my parents happy.” And Caryn also has a daughter as well, which is just another similarity that brings her and Matt that much closer.

Matt’s building a house for them to live in, and they own a vacation home together

Here’s another huge hint that things are heating up between Matt and Caryn — and that’s that they own property together. Fans frequently notice the happy couple are often in Arizona for weeks at a time when they’re not working on the Roloff’s farm. And Radar Online explains they have a vacation home together in the state.

It seems there was some controversy regarding how Matt acquired the house, though. While it was portrayed on the show as if Matt and Caryn were searching for the vacation spot, it turns out the Arizona house that’s now theirs was first owned by Caryn’s parents. Either way, if Matt is accepting property from the Chandlers, fans are taking that as a positive sign that their relationship is serious.

And there’s also Matt’s new home to consider. Radar Online also reported that Matt purchased a gigantic piece of land near his home in Oregon so he can build a new home just for him and Caryn. Perhaps that’s also where an engagement may take place, too.

Matt’s already sparked engagement rumors in the past

Matt and Caryn have sparked engagement rumors multiple times for months, and fans won’t stop pestering the two until they finally announce they’re tying the knot. PopCulture notes Matt posted an adorable photo of him and Caryn on Instagram around Christmas, and fans exploded with comments regarding a future engagement. “When are you two gonna make it legal? You are so good [together.] I have never seen Matt smile so much,” one follower wrote. And another added, “When will you two tie the knot???”

Unfortunately, we know the two aren’t engaged this yet, as The Hollywood Gossip notes Caryn herself has addressed the rumors. But all signs point to wedding bells in the near future.

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