Why Fans Think the ‘Property Brothers’ Were Feuding With Chip and Joanna Gaines

No matter what kind of television you’re interested in tuning into, there’s no doubt HGTV stands as a fan favorite. From total home demolitions to simple room makeovers, we love to see what our favorite TV hosts are going to come up with next. And when it comes to HGTV all-stars, there’s no doubt Chip and Joanna Gaines from Fixer Upper and Drew and Jonathan Scott from Property Brothers have a particularly strong following.

Since they’re on the same network, many wonder how well these two families really get along — and there was even discussion of a possible feud in the past. Here’s why fans thought they didn’t like each other.

Rumors started when the Scott brothers asked Chip and Joanna to appear on a program with them


Chip and Joanna Gaines seem like the perfect couple: They’re both incredibly enthusiastic about their many business ventures, they’re excellent parents to their kids, and they love their fans. So viewers of Fixer Upper were shocked when it seemed like they may not get along so well with Property Brothers Drew and Jonathan.

The New York Times reports the Scott brothers asked the Gaines if they would appear on an episode of Brother vs. Brother, a home improvement competition series between Drew and Jonathan. Unfortunately, Chip and Joanna declined the invite. The couple have an incredible number of business pursuits, so they didn’t have time to make another TV appearance — though fans thought there was something more to the story.

Drew and Jonathan have squashed the feud rumors, however

While fans were suspicious that Chip and Joanna didn’t want to appear on Brother vs. Brother because of a dislike for the Scotts, it appears that wasn’t at all the case. From Fixer Upper to their Target line of home furnishings, design books, Waco community events, bakery, restaurant, and five children, the Gaines would have to be superhuman to have time for another show — and the Scotts totally understand that.

As Drew told the New York Times, “No, we’re not jealous of them. They are phenomenally successful, and the audience loves them and our fans have been asking for us to do something together.” And Drew also told Fox News, “We’re one big family, which is why we love bringing [fellow HGTV personalities] in to judge us. … Our show started airing in 2011 and over that time we’ve met [Chip and Joanna] once or twice. They were really nice.”

Drew also said he was down to babysit the Gaines’ kids

Before the “feud” even began, Drew mentioned that he’s willing to help the Gaines family out on a more personal level, so clearly the two families like each other. People reported in 2016 that the Scotts were planning on taking some time in Galveston, Texas — not far from where Chip and Joanna reside in Waco. Drew and Jonathan mentioned that they were planning on stopping at the Gaines’ home, too. “They’ve got the cutest kids on the planet, so I’m good to do some babysitting,” Drew said. And Jonathan joked, “As long as they’ll have a hot dinner on the table then I’m totally cool with that.”

Even more recently, fans noticed Drew commented on Joanna’s Instagram, too. When Joanna posted a photo on Instagram of her youngest son outgrowing his onesie, Drew wrote, “We’ll be having kids soon so I’ll hit you up for hand me downs.”

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