Why Fans Think Tristan Thompson Is Trying To Win Back Khloe Kardashian

Tristan Thompson and Klhoé Kardashian recently had a really nasty break-up. Throughout their relationship, there had many reports that Thompson was cheating on the 35-year-old Keeping Up With the Kardashians star. But it wasn’t until Thompson was caught cheating with Kylie Jenner’s BFF that Kardashian had finally had enough.

Since they announced their split, the two have tried to remain on civil terms with each other for the sake of their one-year-old daughter, True. But recently, fans think that Tristan Thompson is doing a little more than just being civil. There have been a few comments that Thompson has made to Kardashian that makes fans wonder if the NBA star is trying to get back together with Kardashian.

Is Tristan Thompson really trying to get back together with Khloé Kardashian or is he just being friendly for the sake of their daughter? Here is what we know.

Tristan Thompson posted a flirtatious comment on Khloé’s Instagram page

Khloe Kardashian at a basketball game
Khloe Kardashian | Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images

On September 21, Kardashian posted a few pictures of herself dressed as the iconic Marilyn Monroe. A lot of fans and family commented on how good the pictures looked. One of the things that had gotten people’s attention, was seeing Thompson commenting on the picture. 

He had simply said “Perfection,” and added a heart-eyed emoji, but that was enough to make fans go crazy.

“U gotta be kidding me. Boy you something else,” one fan wrote. And as Page Six had reported, there were several other fans that agreed with that statement and weren’t afraid to let Thompson know how they felt.

Apparently, Thompson didn’t let the fans mean comments get to him because when Kardashian posted another picture of herself outside on a beautiful sunny day, Thompson was quick to write: “The sun is shining bright on a beautiful diamond.”

Tristan tried to get a little too cozy with Khloé after their break-up

On an episode with Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Klhloé admitted that Thompson had been sending her a lot of flowers and text messages right after they broke up. Then a day before True’s first birthday party Koko said that the NBA star had even tried to kiss her. After she turned down the invitation for a kiss, he didn’t seem to get the hint that she wanted nothing to do with her. She had told her assistant that the next day Thompson was still trying to put the moves on her.

“Then this morning, he was like, “Thank you for letting me see True. She looks great, you look even better,” Kardashian recalled. “Sometimes if I give an inch, he will take a mile and take my kindness for weakness.”

Is Tristan Thompson still trying to win Khloé Kardashian back?

Thompson and Kardashian have been over for a while now. And while it seems like Kardashian is doing everything in her power to move on with her life while also still making sure that her daughter has a relationship with her father, Thompson seems to only have one thing on his mind, and that is getting back with the mother of his child. 

From sending her flowers to buying her an expensive car, there doesn’t seem to be anything Thompson won’t do to try and win Kardashian back. So far, there doesn’t seem to be anything that Thompson can do to convince Kardashian to get back together with him. She had even told her family that there is no way she will ever give him another chance.

While it doesn’t seem like Thompson is going to give up anytime soon, we are hoping that he will eventually realize that Kardashian is completely over him and he will finally want to have a co-parenting relationship with Kardashian and nothing else.