Why Fans Turned on Audrey and Jeremy Roloff From ‘Little People, Big World’

When TLC’s Little People, Big World first hit TV back in 2006, viewers immediately started becoming loyal followers of the Roloff family. Matt and Amy Roloff have dwarfism — and the show chronicles their marriage, their work life on their farm, and their family life with their four kids. Zach and Jeremy are their twins, though Zach is the only other person in the family with dwarfism. Jacob and Molly, the younger siblings, are also featured.

Now, family dynamics in the Roloff family have changed. Matt and Amy are divorced and the kids are all grown up. Jeremy, a fan favorite, is also married to his long-time girlfriend, Audrey, and they’ve since left the show. While these two still have plenty of fans, some people have turned on them over the years due to their parenting style and their beliefs.

Jeremy and Audrey were in hot water for their views on the LGBTQ community

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff
Audrey and Jeremy Roloff | Audrey Roloff via Instagram

Viewers of Little People, Big World know Jeremy and Audrey take their Christian views very seriously. In addition to having a covenant marriage, which is a union that requires premarital counseling and makes it more legally difficult to get a divorce, they also have a blog dedicated to other couples maintaining covenant marriages called Beating 50 Percent.

While the couple seem wholesome, Audrey has made some comments that have rubbed fans the wrong way. In Touch Weekly reports after CoverGirl announced James Charles would be their first “Cover Boy,” Audrey took to Instagram to explain how the gender nonconforming ways of the company confused her. She then went on to say that she disagrees with the message the company is sending — even if that message is simply inclusivity.

Not only that, but Audrey’s pastor has also vocally spoken against same-sex marriage. And when fans of Beating 50 Percent have asked why there’s no content that also applies to same-sex couples, Audrey has said that they’re not producing their blog for that community of folks because it’s not something they agree with.

Audrey fell out of favor after saying baby formula was a sin

Jeremy Roloff and Audrey Roloff
Jeremy Roloff and Audrey Roloff from “Little People, Big World” | Jeremy Roloff via Instagram

Audrey once again took her religious views too far when it came to her daughter she has with Jeremy, Ember. In Touch Weekly explains during one episode of the show, Audrey was having trouble breastfeeding Ember. “We just don’t have feeding figured out yet. It just didn’t come easy for me, my body, for her,” she said. And when Audrey told the doctor about her breastfeeding plights, he suggested feeding Ember formula since Audrey wasn’t producing enough milk naturally.

This is a common issue for many moms, but Audrey wanted nothing to do with synthetic formula. “I was very adamant about breastfeeding exclusively. Formula is like a sin,” she said. This threw fans off guard, and many took to social media to convey their dismay. “Did she say ‘Formula was a sin’ I want to slap her,” tweeted one fan.

Jeremy playfully tossing his baby in the air was also up for debate

Jeremy and Ember Roloff
Jeremy Roloff tossing his child, Ember, playfully into the air | Jeremy Roloff via Instagram

It seems Audrey’s been under fire more than Jeremy has — but when he posted this photo to his Instagram, he didn’t get away unscathed. The image shows him tossing his baby daughter playfully into the air. And while the post is all about his positive experience in Nashville, internet users couldn’t help but criticize the new dad for irresponsibly tossing his daughter around.

Us Weekly reports one Instagram user wrote in the comments, “Idiot. She’s not a circus act.” And another person warned Jeremy of shaken baby syndrome, a brain injury that can seriously harm or kill infants. It seems like Ember is doing just fine (and plenty of babies are tossed in the air by their parents), but even so, clearly not everyone was happy.

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