Why Fans Were Convinced Danielle Busby From ‘OutDaughtered’ Was Pregnant Again

There are plenty of TLC families, like the Duggars and the Roloffs, who we all know and love. But there’s a new family who’ve only been around for a few season — and they’ve already established a serious fan base. Danielle and Adam Busby have made history for being the first parents in the U.S. to have all-female quintuplets, and viewers have been following their story on OutDaughtered for years. In addition to the famous quints, they also have an older daughter for a total of six children.

Now that the quints are 3 years old, fans have wondered if Adam and Danielle are planning on having more children. And there was even a time fans were sure we’d see a seventh Busby child, even if the pregnancy wasn’t planned. Here’s why.

Danielle missed her period, and Adam never made sure his vasectomy worked

Back in the summer of 2018, fans were freaking out when it seemed like a seventh Busby child was surely on its way. Adam and Danielle had already decided that they didn’t want any more children after the quints, so Adam went through with a vasectomy to ensure no accidental pregnancies could occur. Unfortunately, Romper reminds us that after the procedure, Adam never made a return visit to see if it was successful. And while the Busbys have discussed their serious fertility issues in the past, there was still the chance that with their past difficulties with pregnancy and Adam’s vasectomy, Danielle could get pregnant.

To make matters even more stressful for the family, Danielle told viewers her period was late. A late period in combination with Adam never going to his follow-up exam had fans sure she was pregnant — and we also got to watch the stressful scenario play out on OutDaughtered.

At the end of 2018, the Busbys teased that they had a ‘big family update’

It wasn’t just the one summer 2018 instance that had fans sure we’d be seeing another baby. In Touch Weekly reminds us at the end of the year, Danielle announced she had a “big family update” for everyone. Fans were sure this meant she was ready to announce another child, and they took to social media to share their speculation. One of her followers straightforwardly asked, “You’re pregnant?” and another said, “oh gosh, just one more please ! I was sad last season when you turned out not to be pregnant.”

Danielle just laughed off the idea, though, proving another pregnancy wasn’t any part of her big announcement. Instead, the Busbys were ready to announce that after having some issues with their old home, they relocated and found a new place to stay. Since they made their big move around the holidays, Danielle added that it was “very taxing” to shoot the show, move, and prep for the season — but there was no baby news involved.

Could there possibly be more Busby babies in the future?

Having six children would be more than many families could handle, but the Busbys have stated in the past how much they love children — so could there possibly be more in the future? We’re willing to guess they won’t, especially because Adam had a vasectomy. Also, during the conversation of Danielle being late for her period and Adam telling her he didn’t go to his follow-up appointment, Danielle angrily asked, “Do you really want more kids?” To that, Adam answered no — so that seems pretty telling.

In addition to already taking care of six children, Romper notes the Busbys also may not want another child for financial reasons. As Adam and Danielle told People, “We budget and we do what we can to make ends meet and make it work.” And considering they have other business ventures aside from OutDaughtered, like their cycling studio, it seems that they’re ready to raise the children they have and move forward with their lives.

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