Why Farrah Abraham’s Instagram Followers Are Already Slamming Her New Business

We know Farrah Abraham best for her time on MTV’s 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom, but even since her exit from the latter show, Farrah has proven she won’t be left in the dust with other forgotten reality TV stars. Today, she maintains a strong social media presence, and we’re always seeing her galavanting across the globe with her daughter. Not only that, but Farrah prides herself on being a serious businesswoman. Despite her polarizing personality, we’ve seen her find success in the business world — and fans can’t wait to hear about how her new venture goes.

Farrah announced her new couples and sex therapy business, “Farrahpy,” on Instagram. While she seems to think she’d make the perfect therapist, others aren’t so sure. Here’s what her followers and experts think.

Farrah’s followers are astounded by the price and concept of ‘Farrahpy’

In mid-January, Farrah announced on Instagram that she was now open for business for anyone needing couples or sex therapy advice. In her video, she explained that she was the house’s go-to advice giver on Ex On the Beach, so she’s now offering her professional service for $5,000 per 30-minute session, Newsweek reports. As she told Newsweek, “I get asked every day for advice on relationships and sex so it’s no surprise I’m having therapy sessions.”

Her followers seem concerned that Farrah is an unlicensed therapist requesting this much money for her services, however. As one of follower commented, “If you think anyone with a brain, will pony up $5000 for 30 minutes of advice from you, you are even more stupid than I thought you were. Not only are you NOT qualified, you are looking at some legal issues regarding this.” Another added, “I love Farrah don’t get me wrong, but why would anyone take dating advice from someone who doesn’t seem to be able to keep a relationship going their self.”

She’s also receiving a ton of backlash from professional therapists

Her followers aren’t the only ones concerned about her business. Professional therapists have also said what they think about Farrahpy — and it’s not good. As certified therapist David Ley, Ph.D., told Yahoo, “I’m all for people getting sexual education, but I shudder at the notion of celebrity entertainers doing so.” And licensed psychologist and certified sex therapist Rachel Needle told Yahoo that “a person who does not have a degree in counseling or psychology is not qualified to provide therapy. Having personal experience does not make one an expert.”

Sex therapist Ian Kerner, Ph.D., is also taking the stance that licensed professionals require time, training, and scientific knowledge in order to give their clients the best advice — and Farrah definitely doesn’t have that at the moment. As Kerner said, “I can tell you personally that I rely heavily on science, education, clinical experience, and consultation with my peers in order to assess and treat both simple and complex sexual issues.”

Is the new business a result of serious money troubles?

There’s no doubt Farrah believes she’s qualified to provide counseling for others, but some suspect there could be another motive behind the new business — and that’s money. According to Radar Online, Farrah’s lawyer hit her with a lawsuit after she failed to pay legal bills at the end of 2018. And boxing match promoter Damon Feldman was slamming Farrah with a lawsuit of his own, Radar Online says. Not only did Farrah drop out of her celebrity boxing match that she signed a contract to commit to, but Damon claimed Farrah was also begging him for cash because she was totally out of money.

If all of this is true, then perhaps that’s the real reason Farrah is going forward with Farrahpy. We’ll just have to see if anyone is willing to purchase her advice for such a steep price.

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