Here’s Why Fez Is a Fan Favorite on HBO’s ‘Euphoria’

There was so much lane-switching in last night’s penultimate episode of Euphoria that it could make your head spin. Between Cassie’s sad backstory, Rue’s broken spirit/doomed kidneys/crime investigation, and Jules having the time of her life, some of the other plot points could have gotten lost.

But they didn’t. Kat was bound to be confronted about her bad friend tendencies, and Nate was bound to be confronted by someone who doesn’t fear him. Everything that happened in “The Trials and Tribulations of Trying to Pee While Depressed” needed to happen to help set up next week’s season finale. And that includes Fez coming through in the clutch to check Nate, thus solidifying a position on the fan favorites list. Yup, Fezco the kindhearted drug dealer has fans. Here’s why.

Angus Cloud as Fez in HBO's 'Euphoria'
Angus Cloud as Fez in HBO’s ‘Euphoria’ | HBO

Fez loves his granny

Early on, it was shown that Fez takes care of his ailing grandmother who’s bedridden and seemingly unaware that he runs a trap house. As his sidekick Ashtray points out, they need to stack money because they have a mortgage to pay.

It’s obvious that Fez has some sense of what it means to be a responsible adult. He’s taking care of a house, looking after his little homie, Ashtray, and caring for Grandma (sponge baths included).

He’s loyal to Rue

It might seem odd that Rue has a little sister-big brother relationship with her dealer, but the conversations between her and Fez show that he’s one of her most trusted confidantes. She shares things with him that she doesn’t with her own sister or mother, but it’s through those sessions that people have learned that Fez has morals and wisdom. Part of that comes from growing up in the neighborhood with her, part of it from his street life, and part of it is probably inherent.

One of the biggest moments where fans got to see Fez’s kindness shine was during episode two, “Stuntin’ Like My Daddy.” For a recap of the nailbiter, visit Vulture here. First, he shuts down her request for drugs, then he tries to hide her from the dangerous dealer, Mouse.

When she foolishly comes out the room, Rue is then forced to take Fentanyl, quickly incurs a drug debt, and then is threatened with rape for not paying. Fez steps in to thwart the rape by paying off the $300 debt, but not without having viewers think things would turn into a bloody shootout. He was willing to put a bullet into a drug boss to protect his little sis. And if you know that streets, then you know that would have made him a target. That’s loyalty.

We saw that again last night when he threatened to kill Nate. Although he admitted he didn’t know exactly what was going on between Rue, Nate, and her friends, he let that dude know there would be repercussions for not leaving them alone.

Because of that, Fez is getting big love online, regardless of the fact that he sells drugs. We’re not sure if he gets pinched by the cops since Nate ratted him out, but fans want to see Fez get revenge on the psychopathic jock in the season finale. Is that him holding the gun in the trailer or is it Rue?

But for all those fans who believe Fez is crushing on Rue, actor Angus Cloud told Refinery29 he doesn’t think that’s the case for his character:

“I think he just cares a lot about her. They probably go way back. Who knows? Maybe he does have a crush on her, and he doesn’t even know it. He doesn’t wanna admit it to himself — that’s like his sister.”

As Fez continues to rise from the periphery of Euphoria, the character has the audience cheering for him at this point in the season. We don’t know if he and Ashtray will make it out of the sticky situation with Mouse and the cops, but fans promise to riot if he doesn’t.