Why ‘Fresh Off The Boat’ Star Constance Wu Might Be In Big Trouble With ABC

Constance Wu is a rising star with a lot of potential to make it big in Hollywood after the success of ABC’s Fresh Off the Boat and Crazy Rich Asians. But the actress has also managed to burn some bridges and anger people in powerful places with her “diva-like” behavior.

She has even managed to get into hot water with the network that hosts Fresh Off the Boat, the show that launched her into fame. What happened, and will she be able to recover from this misstep? Read on to find out. 

Constance Wu’s fame is on the rise

Constance Wu
Constance Wu | Kelsey McNeal via Getty Images

Wu has been acting for more than a decade, but she had mostly played in small roles until Fresh Off the Boat. The series, which first aired on ABC in 2015, is the first major American sitcom to center around an Asian-American family. Wu plays Jessica Huang, the matriarch of the family. The success of the series and her talented portrayal as the no-nonsense mom helped her land the starring role in the romantic comedy Crazy Rich Asians in 2018. The film’s success with critics and fans alike has sent Wu’s fame even higher. 

She has new projects on the horizon, including the upcoming film Hustlers. This fun heist film is packed with stars including Cardi B, Jennifer Lopez, Julia Stiles, and Lizzo. It’s clear that Wu has Hollywood’s attention now, and we can expect to see more from the star in the future. 

Social media posts about the show’s renewal spark backlash 

While Wu’s fame among the public may be rising, it does not seem like her goodwill with co-workers is doing the same. Back in May, it was announced that Fresh Off the Boat had been renewed for a new season. Typically, this is great news for the crew, but Wu had a surprisingly negative (and expletive-laden) reaction. When a fan responded congratulating her on the renewal and saying it was “great news,” she responded, “no it’s not.” 

Initially, Wu tried to say that her tweets were about something else entirely, but she did eventually come forward with a sort of apology for her negative words. In a long tweet that she called “my truth,” Wu explained that Fresh Off the Boat‘s renewal meant she had to turn down another project. Apparently, she was looking forward to the other project because of the challenge it would bring, comparing it to the sitcom’s unwanted “comfort and ease.”


While Wu’s explanation for her disappointment in the show’s renewal may have been honest, it was also seen as indicative of selfishness. This is an image that has been further supported by reports that she does not get along with co-workers and makes unreasonable demands on the sets of her films. 

Constance Wu’s relationship with ABC executives remains icy

While Wu did publicly apologize for her unkind words about the show’s renewal, there are signs that not all is well with the leadership at ABC. The network’s president, Karey Burke, admits that she hasn’t spoken with Wu since the Twitter controversy. Burke says that conversations with producers for the show led her to believe “everyone took Constance at her word that she was apologetic.” 

Time will tell if Wu has done irreparable damage to her relationship with ABC and the show that launched her into fame. We will also have to wait and see if the star’s diva-like attitude is going to be a stumbling block for her fast and furious rise to fame. She certainly doesn’t seem to be focusing on making friends while she seeks new projects to hone her craft. Of course, in Hollywood, niceness is rarely a prerequisite to success, so Wu may have just the personality to thrive.