Why ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Fans Were So Frustrated With Last Season’s Relationships

Perhaps it’s safe to say Grey’s Anatomy is starting to show its age, despite being continuously popular with its devoted fan base. While the show is still astute with the latest medical headlines, the personal relationships within the show have turned a bit strange of late.

Many popular characters have come and gone over the years, but many argue the newest relationships have gone a bit askew and look forced.

One particular romance feels like something out of Game of Thrones for longtime fans. Another romantic pairing involving Meredith also seems a little out of left field.

According to various media sources, these relationships need to be reexamined in the upcoming new season. Let’s take a minute to see what the writers arguably got wrong last year.

Grey's Anatomy Season 15
Grey’s Anatomy Season 15 | Eric McCandless/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

A big beef in Meredith becoming involved with Andrew DeLuca

Most fans can’t give up the romantic relationship Meredith Grey had with Derek Shepherd (aka McDreamy) up until he died at the end of Season 11. For the most loyal viewers, they think Meredith should stay single unless there’s some chance of her reuniting with Derek as a ghost. Of course, that would make the show jump the shark tenfold.

The writing team has kept Meredith single for quite a while until somehow finding herself in a romance with Andrew DeLuca. Latter was an intern doctor starting in the 11th season and had several relationships with some of the doctors working at Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital. Dr. Jo Wilson was one of those, leading to some major legal complications.

You probably remember Jo’s boyfriend, Alex, catching Andrew in bed with her, leading to Alex beating Andrew to a pulp. Latter sued Alex for the injuries, then reneged later. Only when Jo married Alex did Andrew get drunk and accidentally kissed Meredith as a realization they have true feelings for one another.

Some viewers think it’s rushing things too fast for Meredith, outside of him being a willing fall guy for her insurance fraud cause. No matter how forced this romance might feel (and a bit of a May-December one), expect their romance to flourish in the upcoming 16th season.

What about that questionable Maggie and Jackson romance?

While the connections between the Grey’s characters can often be confusing, something often overlooked is Maggie Pierce and Jackson Avery are sort of step-siblings if you include Richard Webber in the mix.

Once Jackson and Maggie started having a romantic relationship a couple of seasons ago, fans truly freaked out. Some likened it to a form of incest since they’re technically brother and sister.

Even in a time when Game of Thrones made in-breeding a major plot device, most people find it acceptable in fantasy, though not in a longstanding medical drama. This relationship continued into last season and likely will for the time being.

Apparently it’s too late to turn back now. Regardless, we almost wish Maggie and Jackson will realize what they’re doing and decide to move on.

Not giving Amelia a break on life

Another favorite character on the show is Amelia Shepherd (Derek’s sister and played by Caterina Scorsone). Despite having numerous life obstacles. She did manage to marry Owen Hunt where she found happiness for a while. Later, her marriage more or less unraveled when they disagreed on having kids. Owen wanted kids while Amelia didn’t due to losing a child earlier in life.

On top of it, Amelia ends up being diagnosed with a brain tumor she has successfully removed. Then she officially split from Owen, followed by being a co-parent to a foster baby he decides to bring into his life.

All of these constant life challenges seem like the writers are making Amelia a punching bag. If many drama shows have a character like this to enhance drama, giving a character constant impossible roadblocks starts to look a little unrealistic.

Here’s a toast to the writers to delve more into the world of reality in Season 16 as we all search for reality in the real world.