Why Hannah Brown Likes To Eat Alone At Restaurants

Hannah Brown has had a busy year. First, she competed for Colton Underwood’s heart on his season of The Bachelor. Then, she became the bachelorette. Now, she’s competing on Dancing With The Stars.

Brown doesn’t get a lot of quiet time these days. When she does, she likes to treat herself to a solo meal.

In Brown’s most recent Bustle Dancing With The Stars diary entry, she writes about grabbing dinner by herself amidst a busy week of dance rehearsals.

Hannah Brown | David Livingston/Getty Images
Hannah Brown | David Livingston/Getty Images

“At night, I went out and got some dinner. Some people feel bad for people who sit by themselves at places to eat. I feel very empowered when I sit by myself when I go somewhere to eat. Because I’m always so busy, I feel like I often have meals at my house alone really late a night. It felt good to be out and seated around everyday people, and I had a good meal!” she wrote.

What a self-care day looks like for Hannah Brown

At another point in her week, Brown took a self-care day that included an additional meal alone. This self-care day took place after receiving some particularly harsh criticism from Carrie Ann Inaba.

“Monday was really hard for me, so I needed a self-care day. So I went and had a coffee and some breakfast at my favorite coffee spot by myself and just sat and had a moment. I don’t really get that anymore. I’m constantly at the studio, or going from one meeting to the next. While that’s so exciting, it’s been really hard, especially when I had a such a tough week,” she wrote.

“I needed to make that decision to take care of myself. So I went and got a coffee and avocado toast because the avocados here are so good and I can’t get enough,” Brown went on.

Her self-care day continued with some tending to her sore, swollen body.

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The beast is back. This time, in the ballroom.

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“Then I booked a physical therapist/medical massage/amazing miracle worker to meet me at my apartment and just freaking work on my sore body. My feet were really swollen last week, so I just want to go into this week feeling better. It definitely helped, but the physical therapist confirmed that my legs are swollen all over. Every part of my body is swollen and holding onto fluid. I have to really be careful and take ice baths now, but it felt good to just take care of my body for a bit,” she wrote.

Brown also treated herself to a pedicure.

“After practice, I went back home and showered off because I was really sweaty, and then I went and got my toes done. I haven’t gotten a pedicure since Week 4, and we all know that my feet have gone through some damage, so it felt really good,” she wrote.

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getting in the {mood} lighting

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Hannah Brown’s never been shy about communicating when she needs help or when she’s struggling. It’s good to know that, in addition to being a good communicator, she also knows how to take care of herself.

So if you ever see Brown out and about eating by herself, don’t feel sorry for her. Give her a mental high-five for indulging in some ‘me’ time.

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