Why Has Meghan Markle’s Dad Been so Quiet Lately?

All this talk about Baby Sussex has the entire world on baby watch. Will the baby be a boy or a girl? What name will Meghan Markle and Prince Harry choose for their little bundle of joy? What color hair will the baby have? But with all the publicity and paparazzi surrounding the royals, something seems to be missing. 

Oh, wait, it’s Markle’s father. When was the last time he did an interview or went off on a self-defeating rant about his daughter or the royal family?

For those of you that might have missed all the drama that led up to the royal wedding and months afterward, you too may have noticed her father has been MIA for a while. So why have we not heard from him? Has he finally decided to give his daughter space?

This is how the Markle family drama started

Thomas Markle Sr. made a series of selfish choices leading up to the royal wedding that may have ended his relationship with his daughter. It all started when paparazzi found him hiding out in Mexico and made him a cash offer for photos.

Not only did he agree to the money, but he also decided to let them set the scenes. Sometimes he was trying on tuxedos and other photos showed him looking at historic British pictures. When the royal family got word of his actions, they were embarrassed and concerned. 

This one event ultimately started an avalanche of criticism from her father. He claimed that he was only trying to clear his name and that he wanted to make everything right again. To make matters worse, he continued to blame his daughter and Harry for the way he was being treated.

Days before he would be walking his daughter down the aisle, he changed his mind three times about whether he would do it, reports Insider. Later he blamed heart health problems. He never did show for the wedding and Prince Charles did the honors.

Does Thomas Markle Sr. want to see Baby Sussex?


When Kensington Palace officially announced that Harry and Meghan were expecting their first baby, Thomas Markle was crossing over the United States/Mexico border. According to the Daily Mail, he said “I was sitting in line waiting to cross the border when I heard the baby announcement on the car radio.”

He was also adamant that he did not find out from anyone earlier, he learned about the pregnancy at the same time as the rest of the world. When asked about what he thought, he said: “I was filled with love, joy, and happiness for both my beautiful daughter and my son-in-law. A new baby is a blessing and I look forward to seeing a little Meghan or a little Harry.”

It sounds like he wants to see his grandchild once Baby Sussex is born. It also seems like he won’t get a chance. If he was not told about the baby before the official announcement, then Markle and Harry are still not ready to mend wounds.

Now that we are getting closer to Meghan’s due date, we can’t help but wonder why he has been so quiet and if the family rift will ever heal.

Why has Meghan Markle’s dad been so quiet lately?

It is strange that he spent so much time trying to get media attention, supposedly to clear his name, and now nothing. On the one hand, he may have had a private talk with his daughter to straighten things out. That doesn’t seem likely considering how far he took things and the pain he caused the Duchess of Sussex

Another reason might be that he realized he was getting nowhere with his tactics and decided to back down or go into hiding again. He may have realized his daughter was already under a lot of stress and didn’t want to cause harm to the baby.

Of course, all this is pure speculation as to why Markle Sr. has gone quiet. While we are speculating, we might want to consider the possibility that he had no choice but to stop talking. It would not be the first time a celebrity or a royal needed to get the law involved. He might have been warned about a lawsuit.

Another possibility could be a payout to keep quiet. If he was after money, the Royals have it, and he would likely be given a non-disclosure agreement to keep quiet.