Why Has Samantha Markle Been Keeping Quiet?

For well over a year, we have been hearing about all of the negative things that the sister of Meghan Markle has been saying and doing. All during Meghan and Prince Harry’s engagement, and even after they were married, Samantha has been posting hurtful statements to social media and seemingly attacking Meghan in interviews whenever the opportunity arises.

Samantha Markle is not the only member of Meghan’s family who has been creating a stressful situation for the duchess. Her brother, Thomas Markle, Jr., wrote a letter to Prince Harry before the nuptials, warning him that marrying Meghan would be a huge mistake. To further complicate things, Samantha even went so far as to travel to London to see her younger sister, only to be denied access to Kensington Palace by security. 

When Meghan was expecting baby Archie, there was much speculation that Samantha would try to create drama amid the birth of her nephew. There were royal fans who were worried that she would travel to London again to try to convince Meghan and Harry to let her see the newborn. However, in an ironic twist, while we haven’t heard much from Samantha since Archie arrived, all of her statements have been wonderful and heartfelt.

Could it be she has an ulterior motive for her recent change in behavior? With the sudden turnaround in how she is acting, we have to wonder why Meghan’s sister been keeping quiet and appears to be playing nice.

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex
Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex | Dominic Lipinski – WPA Pool/Getty Images

Samantha is urging Meghan and Harry to let Thomas Markle Sr. see Archie

Meghan was close to her father, Thomas Markle Sr., at one time, yet, they have been estranged ever since the royal wedding. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex didn’t call Thomas to give him the wonderful news that they were expecting their first child.

According to Newsweek.com,  he heard it on the radio while driving. Thomas has expressed his desire to meet his new grandson, and Samantha is urging Meghan and Harry to let him be part of Archie’s life.

While normally, we would expect Samantha to post a nasty comment to her social media accounts, or make some sort of angry statement directed at Meghan and Harry, she calmly said that Thomas is a wonderful grandfather and that Archie should definitely know him, since he is a “creative, loving person.”

Meghan’s sister even made a ‘rare’ comment about Archie’s birth

Known for making negative comments, Samantha certainly had something to say after Meghan and Harry welcomed Archie into the world. Surprisingly, instead of saying something pessimistic, she said that she believes that her new nephew will turn out to be an “exceptional” man.

Instead of bashing Meghan and Prince Harry as she has done in the past, Samantha actually seems happy that the Duke and Duchess have become first-time parents.

Does Samantha want to forget the past?

In the past month or so, Samantha’s attitude has dramatically changed for the better. In the short time that her younger sister has been part of the royal family, she had been going out of her way to create drama and put a damper on one of the happiest times of Meghan’s life.

Since Archie was born, things have been noticeably different. Samantha has stopped bashing Meghan, and from her statements, it looks like she is ready to let the past go and move on. She even said that she wants baby Archie to know that she is “excited” for him and that she hopes that Meghan will reach out and reconcile with her family.

So far, Meghan and Harry have not made an attempt to contact anyone in the Markle family in order to have them meet Archie. Doria Ragland, Meghan’s mother, has met and bonded with the new baby, however, it looks like Samantha has been keeping the negativity to herself in order to try and repair her relationship with Meghan.