Why Hasn’t Josh Waring From ‘RHOC’ Been Released From Prison?

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Lauri Peterson from The Real Housewives of Orange County hasn’t been able to spend the holidays with her son Josh Waring for the past two years. That’s because Waring has been an inmate at the Intake/Release Center in Santa Ana, California while he awaits trial for a crime he says he didn’t commit. If convicted, Waring could receive life in prison.

Waring is charged with attempted murder after his white BMW was spotted at the scene of a shooting. However, another vehicle driven by a different man, Bryan Goldstein, was also at the same scene. Shooting victim Daniel Lopez asserts Goldstein did the shooting. However, in a crazy twist of events, it is Waring, not Goldstein who sits in prison. And the reason could possibly be to nail a Real Housewives kid.

“I always thought it [the show] put me in front of the cops but I didn’t think that they were going to manufacture a case against me. It blew my mind,” Waring says. “I thought alright when the GSR [gun shot residue report] comes back that’s going to show I didn’t fire the gun.” He adds he was banking his whole case on this evidence. “The cops are going to come back and are going to see I didn’t fire a gun and say ‘yeah Goldstein did fire a gun,’ they’re going to let me out and charge him.”

But that isn’t the case. So why hasn’t he been released from prison? He and his mother drop some pretty shocking allegations about his arrest and treatment to The Cheat Sheet.

Why was Waring arrested?

Waring’s arrest may come down to being in the wrong place at the wrong time. While Peterson admits Waring was always on the cop’s radar as being a menace, both she and Waring assert he did not commit the crime for which he is charged.  “What I’ve learned has literally rocked my world in the criminal system,” Peterson said.

He’s been in trouble with the law while in his teens, with crimes escalating through the years. However, life took an even darker turn in June 2016 when Waring was accused of shooting Daniel Lopez. Lopez was injured and ultimately recovered. However, the case isn’t so cut and dry. Two cars were identified in the vicinity. A blue car, which Bryan Goldstein was driving and a white car, which belonged to Waring.

When first responders arrived at the scene they asked Lopez who shot him. He affirmed he was shot from a blue car coming from the driver’s side. Even after surgery, Lopez insisted shots came from the blue car, Waring says. Even though investigators said Waring’s car was there too, Lopez said Waring drove past the house and “The blue car pulled into the driveway and fired at me,” Waring says regarding Lopez’s testimony. If Lopez says someone from a blue car shot him, which belongs to Goldstein, why is Waring the one in prison?

Is Waring taking the fall for a police informant?

Peterson says the Costa Mesa Police Department has a good reason to protect Goldstein.”In Orange County, he’s [Goldstein] is a 23 striker,” Peterson says. “Honest to God he’s had 23 strikes. He’s an informant and it goes back to 2004.”

As a result, “They weren’t going after the actual shooter but for some reason, they seem to be fixated on getting a conviction on me,” Waring said. “Like they do target me in the sense, my mom kinda said I’m a prize trophy to them. I don’t know about that, it’s just how the system works. They have a prize conviction, they don’t care if they have the right person, they just like convictions.”

“That guy Goldstein, who actually did the shooting, got out two weeks after my case,” Waring added. “He used the same gun, a 9 mm Luger, killed someone in Anaheim and then, of course, the same thing happened in that case. They isolated Goldstein and turned him into a victim as he was initially the suspect of the murder. But once they realized his informant history with the district attorney’s office, they changed him to a victim. And went after another government target.” Goldstein is currently free, despite having six violent strikes, Waring says.

Did the ‘Real Housewives’ connection hurt his case?

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Waring says when investors grilled Lopez about the case, he continued to maintain that the blue car was involved. Lopez says he still didn’t like Waring, but it wasn’t Waring who shot him. “Later he finds out who my family was, and the detectives who were investigating him are the ones who told him, ‘you know who his [Waring’s] mom is right?'” Waring says. Lopez claimed he didn’t know Waring was connected to RHOC, but investigators told him. Suddenly Lopez is hooked up with a civil attorney, “But even in the deposition, he’s still saying it is not me [who shot him],” Waring remarks. “And government witnesses who say it is me weren’t even there.”

In fact, police digital audio recordings from the scene caught a chilling conversation. Waring says cops interrogated Goldstein, who was isolated from the group, turned off their recording devices. But one recording device that was not turned off caught the conversation with Goldstein. “If you want to be involved in this jackpot, then you need to get your story straight,” Waring said regarding the conversation Goldstein had with the cops. “He [Goldstein] said, ‘alright I was there but I wasn’t the shooter.’ They said’ good, good.’ And they coached him along and released him. ”

Most of the witnesses are drug addicts with a rap sheet on probation who weren’t talking to police, Peterson says. However, one man, who attacked Waring’s car earlier in the day kept insisting it was Waring who did the shooting. “When that happened, the police officers high fived each other and said, ‘the housewives kid, we’ve finally got the housewives kid,'” Peterson says.

What does the evidence show?

Lopez insisted nine different times Waring did not shoot him and is positive he was shot from a blue car, Peterson says. But, the man who previously tried to attack Waring’s car was part of the 911 call. The aggressive man’s girlfriend was the one who called 911. “On the 911 call, the operator said ‘do you know who did the shooting’,” Peterson says. “She said, ‘no, no, no’ but in the background, you can hear a background man say ‘It’s Josh Waring.'”

No forensic evidence seems to point to culpability either, Waring asserts. “They didn’t do gunshot residue tests on him [Goldstein],” Waring says. “I mean, they tested my hands, they tested my shirt, they tested my pants, my face, every surface on my body. I didn’t have one particle on me, yet they are alleging I shot 10 times inside of a car. I’d be covered in GSR.”

Peterson adds that Waring was wearing a hat at the time of his arrest and an officer placed bullet casings inside the hat and asked Waring about them. Waring asserted they weren’t his, but now his DNA was all over the casings. Peterson says now the hat has since disappeared from evidence. “This is just one piece that has been very suspicious from the very beginning,” she said.

But this twist may set him free

Stunning allegations surfaced that the Orange County Sheriff’s Department has been secretly and illegally monitoring inmate’s phone calls, NBC Los Angeles reports. Although Sheriff Sandra Hutchens admitted her agency illegally recorded 1,079 calls, the impropriety is far worse. Most recently, officials determined more than 4,000 phone calls were illegally recorded from Jan. 2015 and June 2018. Waring’s case may have been the impetus that busted open the entire operation. As part of Waring’s case, the jail’s phone provider, GTL Corp. alerted the sheriff’s officials that it had accidentally recorded attorney-client calls during a three year period, ending in July, The Orange County Register reports. “Also, Josh had a feeling he was being recorded,” Peterson says.

As a result, all legal strategy was being revealed to the prosecution. “Things they would have never known about, the prosecution, already was prepared for it,” Peterson says. “And that’s because they were listening to our phone calls.”

Are they going to throw the case out? “I don’t know about that, but I hope so,” Waring says. “It feels good to be able to fight back. And be able to call some of these prosecutors to the stand.” The Cheat Sheet reached out to the Orange County District Attorney’s office who said they did not have any additional comments about the ongoing case.

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